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If you visit and search for books on autism, you will get a list of over 1,000 titles. Though I’m sure that some of these are just different editions of the same title, this is still a lot of books. There are also many good lists of autism related books available on other sites, such as the Autistic Authors Booklist and Facts at

These books run the range of topics, from personal stories of autistics, stories from parents about their experiences dealing with autism, and detailed research about autism.None of us can hope to read them all, and none of us are really interested in reading them all. What we are interested in, however, is finding the right book about the right topic that we want to know more about. I have read quite a few books on autism that I can recommend and will be posting them here, along with reviews as time permits.

If you have read a book that you think is useful and would like to write a review to post here, please let me know. By the same token, if you’ve read a book that you think is a complete waste of time, let me know that as well so we can let folks know what not to read. Contact me at autismforparents AT gmail, or leave a comment on this page.

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  1. Hello,

    I provide piano lessons for students with Autism and other developmental delays by using ABA and classical piano teaching techniques. I have met with some wonderful success here in the New York metropolitan area and have recently put together a manual for typical piano teachers and parents to use. I am interested in adding this resource to your list of books that deal with the special needs population.

    Thank you,

    Jeffrey Young

    Comment by Jeffrey Young — 22 Aug 07 @ 0317 | Reply

  2. i need to know the name of a book recently done by a reporter that had a son with autism, and found a different way to face it,
    i have a friend that has a little girl with autism. thanks

    Comment by dalia — 8 Oct 07 @ 1527 | Reply

  3. hahahahhaa , i have read so much over the last 24 hours on here relating to autism , blogs, books , memoirs . my head is spinning and i have no idea now who i am writting this to , so first of all i say sorry for that hahahhaha … what i would like to say is i read ” a friend like henry ” cant remember the auther as i lent the book out and never got it back , i rebought the book , but for my daughter as her son has autism , i absolutlly loooved the book , it was from the mothers point of view , but at the end of the book her son who was the person with autim had his say on some of the things he had done or said in his life , i feel it would be a good read for every one regardless of weather or not their lives have been touched by autism . maybe i found it such a good read because the boy sounded so much like my grandson , i dont know maybe maybe not , never the less i saw it as a damned good book and well written … cheers Kathy 🙂

    Comment by kathy Stonehouse — 18 Jul 10 @ 0354 | Reply

  4. it does not take too long to learn good piano playing if you have a good piano lesson ‘~.

    Comment by Julian Cooper — 3 Dec 10 @ 0540 | Reply

  5. Autistic disorder can be seen as destructive problems in a very young kid’s conversation as well as speaking skills, disinterest inside interpersonal interaction, and choice …autism

    Comment by Autism nih — 1 Feb 12 @ 2121 | Reply

  6. New Book Release-Answering Autism From A-Z

    Answering Autism From A-Z is creatively written and offers useful, instructive information and a wealth of firsthand knowledge. It was written from a position of authority; as a mother of a child with Autism, I have “been there, done that” in terms of everything that is in the book. Answering Autism From A-Z walks the reader through the challenging processes of dealing with educators, doctors, and government agencies with the compassion, humor, and insight that only comes from firsthand experience. It gives the reader a better understanding of ‘A’ – Advocating for the person with Autism all the way through ‘Z’ – Zoning in on one’s strengths. If your readers are looking for help, hope, and encouragement for their lives as well as the lives of their children, Answering Autism From A-Z is their answer!

    There are several major differences between Answering Autism From A-Z and other books that are available on the subject. People will redefine their lives after reading; readers will be given the necessary tools to educate the educators with confidence; and anyone can make a difference from any walk of life! It contains unique stories with cumulative impact, well-organized facts, a straightforward writing style, simple advice that is easy to comprehend and incorporate into any lifestyle, and it is written in size 14 Font for easy reading. It also contains my promise to the reader, through a strong, positive voice that rings out, “your life will be enhanced and reinvented from the very first chapter!

    I have included a link to a recent interview with Roger Painchaud with Biddeford Public Access TV ( ).

    Karen J Crystal

    Comment by Craig Templeton — 17 Feb 12 @ 1528 | Reply

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