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Aside from the individual blogs of parents and autistics and the official web sites of the big autism organizations, there are many "un-official" sites that pull together people and links. There are also many, many different forums (fora?) of all kinds for support, discussion, etc. Frequently, these sites are focused on a unique aspect of autism, or a particular interest, but not always.

As with the rest of this site, any feedback on sites/groups that should be included here are greatly appreciated.

Collections of Blogs / Sites:

  • Autism Assembly – This website is for the autism-assembly, this is a coalition of members of the autistic community who share the common goal of seeking acceptance for those on the autistic spectrum, who aim to educate about autism, and who are not seeking a cure for autism. This is part of the global autism rights movement.
  • Autism Bloggers Ring – If you are a blogger who blogs about autism, please join so that we may form more connections in the blogosphere! More connections = more resources. You may be autistic, parents of autistic children, a researcher, or be related to or a friend of someone who has been diagnosed PDD-NOS, Asperger's, or elsewhere on the autistic spectrum.
  • Autism Hub – We have members who are autistic, or who are parents of autistic people, or are scientists/professionals involved in autism research. We all share one common theme however – respect for the condition of being autistic. We seek no fundemental alteration to this state of being but we do seek to intervene sometimes should the situation require it.
  • Aspergian Pride – Aspergian Pride advocates recognition and acceptance of the autistic community as an intelligent, competent minority group with many worthwhile qualities. This site contains articles, web links, and forums that present positive views of autistic identity as a unique, meaningful culture and as a way of being. Here we affirm our strengths, our joy in life, and the value of our existence as capable, healthy, purposeful individuals within the normal range of human variation. We are a part of creation in all its beauty and wonder.
  • to be continued…

Online Forums:

  • Yahoo Groups – At the original time of this post, a search of Yahoo Groups on the keyword "Autism" returns over 1700 separate groups. As this site develops, I hope to include some of the more popular (active) groups in the various categories. If you have any suggestions….
  • Google Groups – Only about 50 groups show up in Google Groups for autism, but I'm sure this will grow as well.
  • to be continued…


  • Special Education Law Blog – A special education legal resource discussing case law, news, practical advocacy advice, and developments in state and federal statutes and regulations. From Charles P. Fox, a Chicago, Illinois attorney who is also a parent of child with special needs, and other guest authors.
  • EBD Blog – EBD Blog is about emotional and behavioral disorders of children and youths. In the US, this area of special education is often referred to as "emotional disturbance," but we're using the term EBD, as that one is more clearly discriptive and preferred by many leaders in the field. EBD Blog will also include content about related areas of disability, including autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD), and other similar topics.  


  1. I have a resource guide for autism here.

    Comment by Our Autism Journey — 15 Feb 11 @ 1417 | Reply

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