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There are many blogs by parents of autistic children, with more being added all the time. The subject matter in these blogs runs the whole spectrum (no pun intended) of life with autism. Some parents are trying to understand autism, some are trying to find – and encourage others to find – a cure, some are simply sharing what they learn with others, and some are just trying to cope. I hope you find this list, and the blogs on it, useful.

I expect this page to be an ever-growing work in progress. Please, if you know of – or write – a blog that you think should be on this list let me know via e-mail or in the comments.

  • A Boy With Autism – A family who has a young boy with autism … just some things from a parents point of view.
  • Adventures in Autism – In March of 2004 we got confirmation that our beautiful two year old son, Chandler, was autistic. Here we share his story and all we are learning about autism.
  • Along the Spectrum – I’m writing this site primarily as a personal outlet for my thoughts and ideas. Hopefully it will lead to dialogue with others and provide some assistance to others that live ‘along the spectrum’. I get a lot of positive support from sharing experiences with other parents of children on the spectrum. I’m hoping this will lead to similar moments for both the author and the readers.
  • Autism: Deal With It! – A blog about dealing with Autism as an adult and as a parent. Not your typical “____ caused my (child’s) Autism” blog! I hope by sharing my challenges, others can help me and I can help them. Oh, and it is also a way to sell my Autism related T-Shirts (Hey, at least I am honest about it!)
  • We Go With Him – on the road with our son Charlie in Autismland
  • Autistic Conjecture of the Day – Dazed and amazed by the theories, research, and snake oil offered up as *THE* answer to autism – both its causation and cure? Well, so am I. On this, my little notebook in cyberspace, I will be collecting and publishing articles from both the past and present, dealing with autism from the medical, behaviorist, personal, naturopathic, and parenting points of view. May we all, in the midst of these multitudinous words, find what we need to move on with courage, strength, and dignity.
  • Hard Won Wisdom – So, your child has been diagnosed with A.D.H.D., A.D.D, A.D.H.D.-N.O.S., L.D., Autism, Asperger’s, P.D.D., P.D.D.- N.O.S., S.I.D., H.F.A., Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, or any other “diseases” that haven’t even been thought up yet…As a parent and teacher…here is the blog never around when I needed it. I hope it helps!
  • Hidden Recovery – Autism recovery can happen!  A parent’s experience with high-Functioning Autism.  Diagnosed at 2 with PDD-NOS, and recovered by kindergarten. Articles and documentation  by  Ashley Morgan, mother
  • Injecting Sense – A father’s blog.
  • Joy of Autism – My thoughts on life with autism, through literature, philosophy, and learning to look at the world through Adam’s transparent coloured blocks…
  • Left Brain / Right Brain -Web creativity and autistic logic – all under one roof!
  • Living a Cryptogram – A ladder is a letter “A”. A clothes hanger is a number “2”. Chairs make the letter “H”. Letters and numbers are everywhere. Just ask Conor.
  • MOM – Not Otherwise Specified – On raising a son on the autism spectrum, progressive politics, pop culture, and coffee addiction.
  • Party of Six – On raising a preteen, toddler twins, an infant and battling autism
  • On the Spectrum – A clearinghouse of information about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). Got some information you want to share? Email me at
  • The Zoë Zone – Notes on the life, times, and development of Miss Zoë Bromage, as recorded by her mother. Also includes minor notes on updates to this website. Just in case you’re unaware, Zoë is mildly autistic, so a lot of what is written here has to do with her development and therapies and so forth.


  1. I am so glad to see a resource like this coming together! Thank you so much for putting it together and also for including my blog spot.

    Comment by Brian The Autistic Jedi — 30 Mar 06 @ 1726 | Reply


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    • I am 37 years old and have suffered with Autism since birth. I Suffer from Autism stress, reading the sites on this list has helped me feel not alone.

      Comment by Alistair Didinal — 27 Jan 18 @ 0636 | Reply

  2. I’ve just stumbled on this tonight, Brett. Congrats and good job!

    Comment by Estee Klar-Wolfond — 5 Apr 06 @ 0511 | Reply

  3. Thanks. I appreciate your faith in me!

    This is a very good way of putting it all together. Kind of a one-stop shopping center!

    Comment by r.b. — 13 Apr 06 @ 1433 | Reply

  4. Hi,
    I’ve just started a blog from a parents point of view… not sure how often I’ll update it, but here’s the link.

    Comment by Karen — 17 Apr 06 @ 1115 | Reply

    • Hello,
      My name is Dr. Sharon Young. I am writing a book comprised of parental insights to include photographic images. My goal is to combine the photographic essence of your child with your inspiring interpretation of “your reality” as someone who loves a child with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis. Your written portion can be one sentence or a page. This is entirely up to you. With this publication I hope to cast a positive light on preconceived perception of children with ASD.


      The distinct difference between this book and additional publications is that this book provides a unique opportunity for society to see a parent’s personal truth of autism. My book will integrate photographic methods and incorporate an interpretive narrative from parents that reveals the irreplaceable spirit of their child. Parent/s will create a photograph, or use a favorite, to coincide with their individual experience of loving a child with autism.

      My hope is, that this book will contribute to enlighten readers and nurture a dialogue integrating experiences of the parents of these extraordinary children.

      There is a quote I believe summarized the diversity of children with autism,
      “If you’ve met one child with autism, well, you’ve met one child with autism”
      Linda Brandenburg (2009).

      If you are interested in contributing please send a brief email and I will forward additional information.

      For every book sold a percentage of the profits will be donated to promote autism awareness.

      Thank you for your time and consideration,

      Sharon K. Young Ph.D.

      Comment by Dr Young — 3 Jun 15 @ 1517 | Reply

      • Interested

        Comment by Jackie O — 8 Jun 15 @ 1455

      • I have two sons on the spectrum, they are very different in many ways. 6 and 4. I love to share our story, any way to help other families!

        Comment by Erin Luetzow — 20 Jan 17 @ 1226

  5. Hi!

    We have started a parents blogging corner at our website where parents can share their parenting experiences, tips and challenges. (For more details about who we are…we request you to please visit our website)

    The uniqueness of the blog lies in the fact that this blog is ‘inclusive’ and has parents of both typical and differently abled children blogging.

    Do visit us at

    We would like to also take this oppotunity to invite parents to start their own blog space with us if interested. Do write to us at

    Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all at our blogging corner,

    Vidya Ganesh.

    Comment by Vidya Ganesh — 2 Jun 06 @ 0605 | Reply

  6. I think this is good. I have become familiar with a website called caringbrigde. It is for families to post thier stories about thier children with life threatening illnesses. I wish we could have some site like this for our stories about living with our children who have autism! Would that not be great?

    Comment by jennifer pappas — 4 Sep 06 @ 0412 | Reply

    • try this one:
      don’t let the name fool you – try and and you’ll like it

      Comment by Gary — 10 Nov 10 @ 1652 | Reply

    • Hello,
      My name is Dr. Sharon Young. I am writing a book comprised of parental insights to include photographic images. My goal is to combine the photographic essence of your child with your inspiring interpretation of “your reality” as someone who loves a child with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis. Your written portion can be one sentence or a page. This is entirely up to you. With this publication I hope to cast a positive light on preconceived perception of children with ASD.


      The distinct difference between this book and additional publications is that this book provides a unique opportunity for society to see a parent’s personal truth of autism. My book will integrate photographic methods and incorporate an interpretive narrative from parents that reveals the irreplaceable spirit of their child. Parent/s will create a photograph, or use a favorite, to coincide with their individual experience of loving a child with autism.

      My hope is, that this book will contribute to enlighten readers and nurture a dialogue integrating experiences of the parents of these extraordinary children.

      There is a quote I believe summarized the diversity of children with autism,
      “If you’ve met one child with autism, well, you’ve met one child with autism”
      Linda Brandenburg (2009).

      If you are interested in contributing please send a brief email and I will forward additional information.

      For every book sold a percentage of the profits will be donated to promote autism awareness.

      Thank you for your time and consideration,

      Sharon K. Young Ph.D.

      Comment by Dr Young — 3 Jun 15 @ 1518 | Reply

  7. I was jsut trying to find any parents who have put their children on Methyle B12 or 5HDP anybody?

    Comment by Jenevieve — 20 Feb 07 @ 1606 | Reply

  8. Im new to the Autism blog I am newly married to a man with a 12 year old Severely Autistic child he truly is a beautiful child unfortunately his mom takes him for granted and we are only allowed to have him every other weekend. When we get him he’s so regressed he drinks from a bottle while he’s with them cause they are too lazy to teach him how to drink he’s not potty trained so we are changing a big boys diaper. I was hoping to find a good summer program in Dallas Tx but unfortunately there are no programs out there for him. If anyone knows of one please let me know other wise this poor child will be spending his summer with Grandma and learning nothing.

    Comment by Margie Thomas — 6 May 07 @ 1521 | Reply

    • Hey Margie, I just read your blog and because your grandchild is so severly autistic, I thought maybe you could understand what I am going through. My grandson Darryl lives with me and has for the last 2 years. His mother, my daughter Candace, was always there for him and took good care of him while he was growing up. I kept him during his 13th year, just to give her a break, but she is one of those people who always tried to do it by herself and never complain. Darryl is now 20 years old and will be 21 in two days. He does not talk. Lately his agression has been more often. He is not agressive by nature, but is loving and caring. He loves to kiss me and just sit and hold my hands while manipulating my fingers back and forth. When he can’t get himself understood, he becomes agressive. He has always stratched, but lately he has been really sticking those fingernails into my hands and arms. My hands look like I am an ex heroine addict. He will grab me by the shirt and push and pull. He is not 6 feet tall and skinny, but I am only 5 ft 3 and I must say, there are times I think he is going to overpower me. The thing is that if he is being too agressive, and I can get out of his reach, it is only a matter of about 3-5 minutes and he will walk up to me with the biggest smile and all is forgotten and once again he is like a 3 year old waiting for hugs and kisses again. When Darryl was 18, my daughter put him into a living facility. He hated it, and I would pick him up every weekend and every day that he had no school. She finally gave in and let him come live with me. The thing is that his agression is getting so much more often, that I am having these thoughts that maybe I won’t be able to keep him unless I can discover some coping techniques. My Daughter got married 2 years ago and for the 1st time she has a life. She has a new child who is now 1 year old. I believe that Darryl has some issues with her for putting him in the facility and for going on and having a life without him. I believe that he is aware and is unable to voice what is bothering him. He will no leave with her and refuses to get out of my car when we visit her home. He looks at his baby sister but I can’t judge what is going on in his mind. I love Darryl more than anything in the world. I would die for him and I would live my best for him. I just wish I knew how to keep him from being so agressive towards me. Any suggestion?

      Comment by Bessie P. — 9 Jun 11 @ 1659 | Reply

      • try using TLP the listening program. It helped our son to become verbal and stop tantruming.

        Comment by Tawanna — 14 Dec 11 @ 1157

      • really sad you don’t just throw your child away cause you cant deal with the autism this is her child she should care for him not you or a home that’s not what a mom should be my son is 28 yr old autistic/retardation and yes he gets this way sometimes but love conquers all severe autistic people cant express themselves so yes they become flustrated

        Comment by — 24 Sep 13 @ 0859

  9. I just started a blog dicussing our experiences with the gfcf diet.

    I hope to give some start-up advice, maybe a few recipes, and offer some stories about our gfcf life-style. Everyone is welcome, but I am definitely a newbie at this!

    Comment by Katherine Revell — 24 Jul 07 @ 1938 | Reply

  10. Oops, see I told you I am a newbie! The site is:

    Comment by Katherine Revell — 24 Jul 07 @ 1940 | Reply

  11. More and more autism studies seem over-intellectualized, sluggish and vacuousa product of government funded guesswork where elusive experts pad last minute conclusions with intellectual drivel. The drivel drives me nuts. How can academics write so much about kids they haven’t lived with? Much of the research involves brief studies of autistic children in institutions or group homes, as if random weekly, 15-minute visits over a few months birth healthy data, background, hypothesis and analysis. Case in point: Jenny McCarthy’s trip to the neurologist. As McCarthy herself admits, the doctor diagnosed her child after five minutes. Criteria? Hand flapping and lining up toys in a straight line. The kid was two years old. Then, slowly, the kid recovers. Well, back up folks. The kid has epilepsy. He got medication. After medication, he started talking. He made eye contact. He is social. He is normal. Not autism people. Not autism. This hypervigilance in diagnosing children with autism is exactly what is pushing truly autistic children to the back of the help line. It’s why autism research is now one of the most corrupt cash cows going. Think I’m making this up? Here’s the reality: After my son was diagnosed with autism, I dug up a California University that studied children with autism. Surely, theyd find my self injurious autistic child’s case interesting. A chance to really help an autistic child in major crisis. Immediately, I explained our son to an intake screener. Im sorry, she interrupted. It sounds like your son is too low functioning for our program. We work with higher functioning autistics. Self-injurious behavior requires extensive behavioral analysis, documentation and treatment modalities. Flabbergasted by the screener’s unapologetic candor, I hung up. Later, I phoned another University. Again, the screener seemed uninterested in a case that didnt have a direct bearing on a positive grant flow. Yes, it appeared treating autistic children with limited developmental skills was risky business. After all, if researchers dont show immediate resultsgrant monies ceased. Consequently, more researchers than wed like to imagine invent outcomes to keep the cash flowing. What a freaking joke. Anyway, I got so sick of all the scams. All the false hope. All the con artists posing as professionals that I said to hell with all you creeps and started giving my son garlic, changed his diet, gave him l-tryptophan, baths whenever he wanted, walks, massage, aromatherapy and lots of hugs and you know what? He was still autistic. He was still hitting himself, but at least he was happier, safer and his behavior was 70% reduced. Later, I discovered a skin shock therapy. That was the best thing we ever used. Totally stopped the head punching. Faded the device after seven years. Behavior came back , but not as savage and obsessive and mostly occurs when he’s in loud, chaotic settings, which is every school he’s ever been warehoused in by some apathetic lazy district. I hate public schools. They are a joke for severely autistic kids. Nothing but an army of experts who aren’t sure, don’t know and will get back to you after the Christmas, Easter and summer break. And if you call the nitwits to ask about educational progress, you find out they are either out to lunch, in a meeting, on vacation or sick. Ditto Regional Centers of California, with their brigade of fools who do nothing and I repeat nothing but write and write and write reports that nobody reads because they sit in dusty files. I say parents of autistic children, truly autistic children, should stay as far away from schools and government agenices as possible. They are total con artists.

    Comment by Helena Perez — 29 Sep 07 @ 0853 | Reply

    • hey my son is 11 going on 12 cant talk not potty trained but he is a good kid he drives me and my wife nuts with his ocd ogod his is real bad but what can we do meds do not work and nevery did the school keeps saying pud him on meds yea we tell them he is on them to make them happly look if the meds worked we would use them

      Comment by susan king — 17 Sep 11 @ 2057 | Reply

    • I agree with you 100%. There are SO many con aritsts in the autism industry. Additionally, not only are public schools horrible, the private ABA centers charging $100,000 plus per year are really no better. Kids in them for years making very little progress but parents are just TOO stupid to notice or care.

      Comment by RS — 11 Mar 12 @ 1238 | Reply

  12. There are a lot of us out there if you know where to look!!

    Comment by Casdok — 29 Dec 07 @ 1848 | Reply

  13. We are a group of researchers at Columbia University who would like to compile a list of autism advocacy and nonprofit organizations in the state of California into a comprehensive directory. We are interested in organizations of all sizes, types and locations. We hope to make this directory a publicly available all-inclusive resource serving the autism community, in addition to helping us answer some of our research questions related to understanding the autism epidemic. This research is funded by the 2007 NIH Pioneer Award, to Peter Bearman.
    If you work for or participate in an organization or group in California we would very much appreciate it if you could send us the name of the group and any contact information you may have. Once we build a complete list, we will contact those organizations directly.
    To write us, please send an email to For further information on the project please visit our website at . Thank you in advance for your time and assistance in accomplishing this project.

    Comment by autism-iserp — 11 Jan 08 @ 1951 | Reply

  14. Free Autism Conference
    University of Redlands Orton Center
    Redlands, CA
    Saturday, March 22, 2008

    Don’t miss this full-day workshop on Autism Spectrum Disorders for parents and professionals. University of Redlands professors and expert speakers will present a variety of topics, and discuss new perspectives on autism. This event is free and open to the community.

    Please complete online registration. Register early-seating is limited and registration is required.

    Please share and distribute this information to parents and professionals

    Thank you,

    Lisa Iland
    Conference Coordinator

    Comment by Redlands Autism Conference — 28 Jan 08 @ 0856 | Reply

  15. I dont really know what to say

    Comment by mummy /sam — 20 Mar 08 @ 0030 | Reply

  16. Hi!
    …Please consider adding my blog to your list:
    Our daughter is on the autism spectrum and has responded incredibly well to biomedical intervention. This blog is a mix of our experiences, her progress…and life on the alphabet-free diet!

    Life on the Alphabet-Free Diet: GF/CF/EF/YF/CF/etc… Gluten-Free, Casein-Free, Egg-Free, Yeast-Free, Chocolate-Free, Tomato-Free, sometimes Corn-Free and Sugar-Free…. but NOT Taste-Free!!


    Comment by Anna Letaw — 8 Sep 08 @ 1632 | Reply

  17. Thanks so much for the posts, my son has was born with esophageal atresia and down syndrome, and i think he may have to be tested for autism, after a bit, he has alot of complications so i hope things start looking better. Thanks again for the posts.

    Comment by kayla — 7 Oct 08 @ 1315 | Reply

  18. Hi I need a game or activity that I can do with a class of adults that would teach them how to recognize a child with autism spectrum disorder. Does anyone have any ideas?

    Comment by Annie — 12 Oct 08 @ 2101 | Reply

  19. I am the mother of 6 fantastic children, 3 of whom have been diagnosed on the spectrum. I do so empathize with parents who are frustrated with the lack of real substantive help, especially for more severe autism. My kids range from Aspergers to severe, but all three have dramatically improved thanks to a combination of biomedical and discrete video modeling. I was able to put together a family-centered program for my kids, find sources of funding, keep my marriage strong, home-school all 6, and still see dramatic improvements in the autism. I am giving 3 day retreats to help parents do the same. The retreats are in a beautiful mountain lodge, and combine a romantic get-away for the parents with a powerful program for treatment. The program is effective, proven, biomedical/behavioral/language based, and more than anything else, feasible. Please see

    Comment by Laura Kasbar — 29 Jan 09 @ 0525 | Reply

  20. nice to know that parents with autistic children can share our blog.
    if i have time i will write in my

    Comment by maslinayazid — 13 Mar 09 @ 1135 | Reply

  21. I am a parent of an autism success story. My son had his diagnosis removed after 3 years on non-stop therapy. I mentored one other family with the same result. Please visit my blog and add it to your list if you find it worthy. I really want to help other families. Thanks, Tatianna

    Comment by tdickens70 — 19 Mar 09 @ 1940 | Reply

  22. I am not sure about all of this but we have done everything we can do and my son at the age of 17 is going to be admitted to Winnebego inpt w/autims along w alot of other issue so when your child hits teenage years be aware there there are not alot of reasources

    Comment by dawn goetz — 9 Jun 09 @ 0355 | Reply

  23. A site dedicated to our 5 y/o Autistic son and an effort to raise money for Biomedical & HBOT Treatments. Documents via video, images & detailed stories of our experience as well as links that have been helpful to us on our quest to better our boy and give him a life free from suffering & anxiety.

    Comment by Miriam — 14 Jun 09 @ 2005 | Reply

  24. Hi I would like to hear from a mother with Autism child. As a mother I want to be able to do anything I can to help my son. What kind of advice would you give me. Please email @ or Thank you

    Comment by Haydee — 25 Jul 09 @ 0046 | Reply

    • brenda my name is ruben I just to tell you what I found out PLEASE HELP SPREAD WORD.Listen to THIS look on YOUTUBE this guys name is JIM HUMBLE his PRODUCT is MMS .He has a web site also JIM HUMBLE .COM. DO not stop reading until you know all about it. PLEASE BRENDA I JUST TO HELP YOU THIS IS NO JOKE

      Comment by ruben robinson — 25 Jan 13 @ 1352 | Reply

  25. Hello!! I’m Brenda and I have a 4 year old boy, Sean. He started preschool this year and is having a hard time getting along with the other children. He just likes to be alone and does not want to be touched. After reading up a little on Autism, I now wonder if this may be what my son has. I want to do what is best for my son and I need help. If you have any ideas or info, please let me know. You can either comment my latest blog post or e-mail me at Thank you so much.

    P.S. If anyone else reads this comment and has any suggestions for me please don’t hesitate to contact me as well.

    Thanks again!!


    Comment by brenda284 — 23 Sep 09 @ 0026 | Reply

  26. This is my sons Jacobs blog, he was diagnosed with autism when he was just under 2 and he almost 3 now. Please take a look and see if is acceptable.
    he also has a cause page on Facebook called hope4jacob

    Comment by Tracy Provencher — 29 Sep 09 @ 1142 | Reply

  27. I’ve just found this wonderful resource. I hope to be setting up my own blog soon. I’ve written an outline of my son’s stuggles since age 2 and hope to share them. He was finally properly diagnosed with Asperger’s in July of this year, he’s 8. I will comment again leaving my blog address when it’s set up.

    Comment by Carla Haynie — 31 Oct 09 @ 1820 | Reply

  28. This blog is for parents of children with Asperger’s. I, myself have 2 children with Asperger’s one not as severe as the other, but both challenging in their own way. I hope to blog regularly. I’ve just posted an outline I’ve written of my 8 year old son’s struggles with Asperger’s and clinical depression.

    Comment by Carla Haynie — 31 Oct 09 @ 1949 | Reply

  29. Study re: Parental Perceptions as to the Efficacy of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

    Are you are NJ Parent of a child with autism aged birth to 21 who is currently receiving or has received ABA interventions? If so, we are seeking research participants. Click here or copy link to participate online:

    Comment by Nicole Turon-Diaz — 3 Nov 09 @ 2050 | Reply

  30. This is not helping I just want to know and where to go for answers…the google just comes up w/….O it is so nice and we are so happy and we …are not like that we have alot of issue so …were are the people w/all of the issue that we have to share w/behaviorl issues!!! do no make it sound that you have so much iceing on the cake as we do not …it is so much a struggle w/behavioral issues…18 yr old acting like a 2 yr old..and if you have preschoolers w/autism you do not even know the 1/4 of it if you do not have the correct help in your schoool system……….

    Comment by dawn goetz — 22 Nov 09 @ 0309 | Reply

  31. Hallo, my name is Sonja and I have an Afrikaans blog about Autism. I don’t know if this is okay then for your list? My blog is also about homeschooling and homelife.

    Comment by Sonja — 9 Dec 09 @ 1106 | Reply

  32. Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

    I’m Out! 🙂

    Comment by online stock trading advice — 11 Jan 10 @ 0243 | Reply


    Are you a New Jersey parent of a child with autism aged birth to 21 who is currently receiving or has received ABA interventions? If so we are seeking research participants for a study to be conducted. Participation in this study involves completing a brief online survey which will only take 5 to 10 minutes of your time. The purpose of the study is to determine parental perceptions as to the efficacy of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) teaching interventions for their children with autism.

    If you are interested kindly contact: Nicole Turon-Diaz at 973-650-7986 or You can also use the following link to go directly to the study and participate:

    Thank you!

    Comment by Nicole Turon-Diaz — 13 Jan 10 @ 1859 | Reply

    • need to get the ipod i touch prologuo2go for my son but i do not have the funds do you know any one who will donate it to my son. austism takes a toll on your family with the price of tutoring speach and language class. could you tell me if any one will donate a proloquo2go p2g ipod to my son

      Comment by janet — 4 May 10 @ 0104 | Reply


    Hello my name is John, father of 3, from Chicago. I am part of a small development new company called Nanoschool creating software for the iPhone, iPod and iPad mobile devices. Our project began looking at technology and the classroom but will be expanding. Kids today are growing up with more influences from a digital community, the immersion is almost inescapable. So what can we do that is positive?

    This technology allows to design and develop very interactive software, games, utilities and pocket learning that is affordable, portable and easy to use. Currently we are researching our first series of interactive apps for children with autism.

    I would like to hear back from any parents if possible. Any ideas, suggestions or pointers to other good sites for us to begin would be appreciated. Of course any professionals that could volunteer or advise are very much needed.

    Thank you!

    Comment by John Popadiuk — 7 Mar 10 @ 0003 | Reply

    • i need to get the ipod i touch prologuo2go for my son but i do not have the funds do you know any one who will donate it to my son. austism takes a toll on your family with the price of tutoring speach and language class. could you tell me if any one will donate a proloquo2go p2g ipod to my son?

      Comment by janet — 4 May 10 @ 0103 | Reply

  35. I wanted to add my blog to the list. Thanks!

    Comment by Randi Ferris — 7 Mar 10 @ 2023 | Reply

  36. Great list of sites. My son was just diagnosed with autism a few months ago, I started a blog, but I’m not a particularly good writer :).

    Comment by Matt — 17 Mar 10 @ 1606 | Reply

    • hi how old is your son and what area are you from?
      what have you learn’t in your journey?

      Comment by janet — 4 May 10 @ 0100 | Reply

  37. Need help with autistic grandaughter. She is 5 and has serious bouts with constipation, she is on miralax,has stomach discomfort. She is on GF diet. Mother gives her drinks that have veg. & fruits in it because her diet is so off. Any suggestions, been to doctors, ho-hum same ol same ol advice, more miralax?!# thank you. Diane

    Comment by Diane — 12 Apr 10 @ 2245 | Reply

    • Diane,
      Have no fear! Constipation and other GI problems are super common. My son is also on the GF diet (as well as CF, no sugar, no preservatives, and nothing artificial)and we needed to put him on vitamin supplements because his bellie couldn’t extract nutrience from food. Anyway, one of the supplements was 1000mg of Vitamin C. His doctor said to give him 2 per day and increase once per week until his stool was runny, then back up one dose. Thats how we would know what amount his body needed. It is remarkable how well it works on his constipation! This poor boy used to be in so much pain it was heartbreaking! Believe it or not.. something as simple as Vit C has saved him from all that. Good Luck to you and your grand daughter!

      Comment by Roxanne — 6 May 10 @ 0616 | Reply

  38. My son with a learning disability is teased at school been told his dumb st upid i diot and what is 1 + 1 this happens in the play ground in a brampton school I phoned the school and they are very lame about the problem, he used to get beaten up once a month until i put him in self defence classes. No one cares and I am wondering if there is a special school for kids with a severe learning disability?

    Comment by janet — 4 May 10 @ 0057 | Reply

  39. This is a great resource. Can I help? My website is also for parents (anyone really) of an autistic child. I created it as an inspirational / educational site. Please add it to your list after looking it over.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    Liz Becker

    Comment by Liz Becker — 19 May 10 @ 1945 | Reply

  40. I would love to add my blog to the list:

    Thank you so much,

    Comment by Helena — 21 May 10 @ 1433 | Reply

  41. Great resource! I would love to have my blog added to the list: <a href="url"

    Comment by starkravingmadmommy — 10 Jun 10 @ 1313 | Reply

  42. I love this higly topical resource. My son was diagnosed a year ago and I’ve been blogging, researching and writing articles on the subject ever since. Keep up the good fight!

    Comment by Autism Care — 20 Jun 10 @ 2134 | Reply

  43. Hi: Thanks for this comprehensive list of blogs – nice job.

    I’m looking for a blog directed to parents of severe “lower functioning” ASD individuals ages 21 years plus. My son, Nathan, is 21 years old & considered low functioning: non-verbal, cannot read or write, with limited social skills. Some would say severe developmental delays. I know there are others out there and I would like to communicate/share ideas, thoughts, sorrows, joys, etc.

    Anyone know of such a blog????


    Comment by Cecilia — 22 Jun 10 @ 2131 | Reply

    • I have a blog about our 48 year old autistic son…diaries of younger years, current life, spiritual aspects, growth and maturity, etc. You can find it at I would be glad to share with you. Carole Norman Scott

      Comment by autism45 — 23 May 11 @ 1028 | Reply

    • Hey Cecilia, I just read your blog and because your child is so severly autistic, I thought maybe you could understand what I am going through. My grandson Darryl lives with me and has for the last 2 years. His mother, my daughter Candace, was always there for him and took good care of him while he was growing up. I kept him during his 13th year, just to give her a break, but she is one of those people who always tried to do it by herself and never complain. Darryl is now 20 years old and will be 21 in two days. He does not talk. Lately his agression has been more often. He is not agressive by nature, but is loving and caring. He loves to kiss me and just sit and hold my hands while manipulating my fingers back and forth. When he can’t get himself understood, he becomes agressive. He has always stratched, but lately he has been really sticking those fingernails into my hands and arms. My hands look like I am an ex heroine addict. He will grab me by the shirt and push and pull me across the room. He is now 6 feet tall and skinny, but I am only 5 ft 3 and I must say, there are times that I think he is going to overpower me. The thing is that if he is being too agressive, and I can get out of his reach, it is only a matter of about 3-5 minutes and he will walk up to me with the biggest smile and all is forgotten and once again he is like a 3 year old waiting for hugs and kisses again. When Darryl was 18, my daughter put him into a living facility. He hated it, and I would pick him up every weekend and every day that he had no school. She finally gave in and let him come live with me. The thing is, his agression is coming so much more often, that I am having these thoughts that maybe I won’t be able to keep him unless I can discover some coping techniques. My Daughter got married 2 years ago and for the 1st time she has a life. She has a new child who is now 1 year old. I believe that Darryl has some issues with her for putting him in the facility and for going on and having a life without him. I believe that he is aware and is unable to voice what is bothering him. He will not leave with her and refuses to get out of my car when we visit her home. He looks at his baby sister but I can’t judge what is going on in his mind. I love Darryl more than anything in the world. I would die for him and I would live my best for him. I just wish I knew how to keep him from being so agressive towards me. Any suggestion?

      Comment by Bessie P. — 9 Jun 11 @ 1724 | Reply

  44. This is an amazing resource. I see so many great blogs here. I would love to have mine added. The basis of my blog is sharing resources…I talk about the therapies, programs, activities, etc. that I have tried with my son and have seen success. Hope you stop by and visit…and that my blog is added to the list. Thank you for the support!

    Comment by rosiemom — 5 Jul 10 @ 2320 | Reply

  45. I have read quite a few articles by parents of autistic children but have a question. I have a friend who has an 11 year old autistic boy. I have known him since birth and love him as if he were my own grandchild. He likes to come to our place to visit sometimes and is always well behaved while here. He talks very well, is a computer whiz and loves movies. However he is becoming very agressive towards his parents, especially his mom, lately. I am not afraid of him as he has never been aggressive to me, nor have I seen this side of him. He has talked of suicide to his folks though. I would really like someone to talk to on how I can help him or how I should respond to him in some situations. If anyone can spare time to email me I would really appreciate it. Please let me chat with someone other than his parents, they know I care but I need an outside opinion. I care about this family so much.

    Comment by Vallie — 14 Jul 10 @ 1901 | Reply

  46. A good list of resources which are well balanced. My only advice for anyone searching for information about Autism or Pervasive Development Disorders is make sure:

    the site/blog your visiting is credible
    the author is real and their intentions are honest
    triangulate your research (i.e. blog, forum, articles) on the same topic to get a balanced view
    you leave your emotional passion and research facts
    to enjoy contributing on your favourite sites!

    All the best wishes for your search


    Comment by Steve Ingram — 16 Jul 10 @ 2319 | Reply

    • Ooops,

      I forgot to mention my Blog, .

      Nothing fancy. Just a father learning, understanding and accepting his son’s autism from a common sense practical approach.


      Comment by Steve Ingram — 20 Jul 10 @ 0000 | Reply

  47. Hello everyone! I find it very therapeutic to write a blog about the ups and downs of my life with my 2 sons who are autistic. This list is a great idea. I learn so much from my friends who are in similar situations. My blog is

    Comment by Julia — 17 Jul 10 @ 1604 | Reply

  48. I have a son who is autistic. He is very successful in school, has made friendships with others, and has improved both his verbal and non-verbal communication. I thought I would write about it and share my story. I am hoping to help other parents and give hope. For those of you who may be interested in hearing my story, here is my blog

    Tell me what you think.

    Comment by Tasha — 19 Jul 10 @ 1638 | Reply

    • Hello,
      My name is Dr. Sharon Young. I am writing a book comprised of parental insights to include photographic images. My goal is to combine the photographic essence of your child with your inspiring interpretation of “your reality” as someone who loves a child with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis. Your written portion can be one sentence or a page. This is entirely up to you. With this publication I hope to cast a positive light on preconceived perception of children with ASD.


      The distinct difference between this book and additional publications is that this book provides a unique opportunity for society to see a parent’s personal truth of autism. My book will integrate photographic methods and incorporate an interpretive narrative from parents that reveals the irreplaceable spirit of their child. Parent/s will create a photograph, or use a favorite, to coincide with their individual experience of loving a child with autism.

      My hope is, that this book will contribute to enlighten readers and nurture a dialogue integrating experiences of the parents of these extraordinary children.

      There is a quote I believe summarized the diversity of children with autism,
      “If you’ve met one child with autism, well, you’ve met one child with autism”
      Linda Brandenburg (2009).

      If you are interested in contributing please send a brief email and I will forward additional information.

      For every book sold a percentage of the profits will be donated to promote autism awareness.

      Thank you for your time and consideration,

      Sharon K. Young Ph.D.

      Comment by Dr Young — 3 Jun 15 @ 1521 | Reply

  49. To Whom it May Concern,
    My son was diagnosed severely autistic when he was 2. My son eliminated all of his symptoms and learning disabilities through a series of non-invasive, completely natural treatments that I did with him. He is now 13 years old and he is completely mainstream. His recovery was only because of the various cutting edge therapies that he did. I have put everything that I have learned in 11 years about healing autism into an ebook that can change your child’s life forever. I urge you to go and start healing your child today. I know it may sound too good to be true but every child will benifit from the therapies described in my book. Just because the medical community doesn’t have a pill to cure autism they say it is incurable. That is not the case and my son is living proof. When he was diagnosed the doctor told my I would have to take care of him his entire life. I refused to accept that fate for my son and you don’t have to accept it for your child either. Please read my book and start healing your child today.

    Comment by Robert Herbert — 6 Aug 10 @ 1656 | Reply

  50. Two of our grandson’s (brothers) were diagnosed in the fall of last year. Some of the surprises have been the amount of “out of pocket” expense that seems unending. Right now I am trying to help find a safe bed for the youngest (most severe) child. The cost is so outrageous! Our daughter is filing request, filling out forms, calling agencies in the attempt to find help with the costs. I was wondering if there might be a way to find a used safe bed?? Am I just dreaming that that might be possible.

    Comment by Glenda — 11 Aug 10 @ 2348 | Reply

  51. This is a great list. My blog can be found at

    Comment by Eric Jager — 17 Aug 10 @ 1948 | Reply

  52. Please add this very funny blog written by two friends of mine to your list

    Comment by Cheryl — 24 Sep 10 @ 0533 | Reply


    Comment by Cheryl — 24 Sep 10 @ 0536 | Reply

  54. I am the mom of an 18-year-old son with autism, and I invite you to read my blog “One Autism Mom’s Notes” at

    Comment by Pam Byrne — 26 Sep 10 @ 1309 | Reply

  55. I am looking for parents to complete a survey for my thesis research in psychology. The study is to better understand the role of social support in how people judge their quality of life. All responses will be kept anonymous. Thank you for your time!

    Comment by Alice — 6 Oct 10 @ 0410 | Reply

    • My friend has 2 kids that are affected by functional autism. He can be contacted by going to his site.

      His name is Kyle Jetsel and he actually has some audio that gives a good look in to his personal life and how he copes.


      Comment by Gary — 2 Nov 10 @ 2144 | Reply

      • Thank you Gary! I appreciate the referral. I just posted a comment to him, after looking at his site. Such a fun and interesting blog to look at! Thank you again; I really appreciate it 🙂

        Comment by Alice — 8 Nov 10 @ 0424

  56. Speech therapy and behavioral therapy is a complete lie. The only way to treat autism is by addressing the underlying immunological irregularities that precipitate changes in blood brain flow and the blood brain barrier.
    Please note, that autism is 4 times more prevalent in people with mastocytosis then in the general population, a fact not recognized by the dominant and arrogant main stream.

    Comment by Russ — 12 Oct 10 @ 2046 | Reply

  57. Autistic children have a difficult time communicating their wants and needs. I wrote an article that helps parents to teach children with autism how to be verbal. You can read it at–help-with-communication-a284549

    Comment by Tasha — 13 Oct 10 @ 0237 | Reply

  58. I would love to be on this blog list.
    My oldest son has Autism.
    My blog is called Snippets ‘N Stuff.
    It’s bits and pieces of my life dealing with disabilities and then some…

    Comment by DeeAnn Lancaster — 18 Oct 10 @ 2251 | Reply

  59. A friend of mine started a site that is Autism Laughter Therapy. It’s a lighthearted look at zaniness. Check it out:



    Comment by Gary — 2 Nov 10 @ 2142 | Reply

  60. I am looking for parents of children with autism to complete a survey for my thesis research in psychology. The study is to better understand the role of social support in how people judge their quality of life. All responses will be kept anonymous, and the survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time; I really appreciate it!

    Comment by Alice — 8 Nov 10 @ 0425 | Reply

  61. Fantastic! I’m looking forward to checking these out, thank you for sharing. I write a blog called Joy’s Autsim Blog

    Comment by Joy — 10 Nov 10 @ 1545 | Reply

  62. My blog is not strictly about autism, but includes posts about my job as a special education teacher and my 19 year old son who has Asperger’s. I am going to have a great time checking out the blogs you have listed!

    Comment by Kathleen — 11 Nov 10 @ 2301 | Reply

    This is my blog. I am a mom of four children the youngest being on the spectrum. I hope people will read, enjoy relate and join me in this road of the unknown. Helping me learn as well as maybe learning from me.

    Comment by autismasawhole — 13 Nov 10 @ 1809 | Reply

  64. Comorbidity is when a condition exists with a primary condition. Autism tends not to exist in isolation. Many children with autism or Aspergers have other conditions. I wrote an article about it at

    Comment by Tasha — 15 Nov 10 @ 0459 | Reply

  65. It’s so nice to see the blogging community come together for this cause. As someone on the spectrum myself, I thank you.

    My Blog:

    Comment by Kinley — 19 Nov 10 @ 0438 | Reply

  66. Hello. This site is very useful. My daughter is four and has autism. Ive never blogged before, or posted comments. But after veiwing your site I created my own check it out.

    Comment by Amanda Esquibel — 9 Dec 10 @ 1111 | Reply

  67. Hi,

    My blog is for anyone looking for books for kids with autism. This is a huge subject, because obviously every kid is different, but
    this is a place to start and also give your own experiences and suggestions. I have written ninety posts so far and post at least
    once a week. Often, the post is about my ten year old son with PDD-NOS, but this week I’ve been posting about book clubs
    for teens with autism and I post about other kids whenever I get the chance. Every kid deserves to read good books.

    Please add my blog when you next update.

    Spectrum Mom

    Comment by Spectrum Mom — 10 Dec 10 @ 1722 | Reply

  68. Hi,

    As a mom of four kids 7 and under, (the first of whom has significant autism) I needed something to document where we are and where we have been. So often I get caught up in the problems of the present, forgetting what he has accomplished. In a few years, I hope to be able go back and say: “oh yeah, remember when…?” and “…see what he’s doing now” Perhaps this will also sync with others who have large INCLUSIVE families. My blog is titled “AutisMiles” and the Website is: Please add.

    Thanks for maintaining this directory!

    Comment by Angela Sheposh — 14 Dec 10 @ 0211 | Reply

  69. My 15-year-old son with autism began typing late last year with light support, revealing an amazingly intelligent little guy filled with insight, warmth and humor. I’ve been chronicling his journey at Please add it to the list. Thanks.

    Comment by Larry Blumenthal — 22 Dec 10 @ 1629 | Reply

  70. Thanks to everyone who has responded to this page and for all the suggestions and recommendations for blogs by parents of autistic kids. This site has been a bit dormant (a bit?!?) for the last couple of years, but all of the continued visits and activity from readers has prompted me to “relaunch” the site. Look for updates to this page, and more frequent new content, in the new year.

    And thank you again for all of your interest in helping other parents who are finding their way in the challenge that is parenting.

    Comment by Brett — 23 Dec 10 @ 1528 | Reply

  71. I love finding these communities. It makes the world feel less lonely. Please visit my blog at It is wonderful to know that there are others going through the same thing and being new to this world, I cannnot tell you what a blessing that is.

    Comment by eachsecondmatters — 29 Dec 10 @ 0056 | Reply

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    Actually the lone death due to vitamins intake up to 1994 was due to Vitamin A due to eating Polar Bear liver—not vitamin pills! In 2003 it was covered up by the media but later blipped briefly that the death of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Belcher, which was supposedly due to taking the herb Ephedra was actually due to heat stroke when he collapsed with a core temperature of 106 degrees Fahrenheit in Florida. Belcher had a previous history of heat stroke in high school, which heightens the probability of reoccurrences; he was overweight, unfit and unacclimatized. He also had pre-existing hypertension and liver problems and had a family history of sudden death from exercise (his half-brother died at age 20 of an aneurysm while playing baseball). He had not eaten solid food for 2 days to try to lose weight and took 3 capsules every morning, which could not possibly have raised the core body temperature to 106. This fraud is all the U.S. government could come up with up until 2003 to attack dietary supplements as “dangerous” and now we are asked to suspend disbelief in yet another Big Lie with their false claim of 230 deaths due to dietary supplements! The truth is that dietary supplements alone have caused NO deaths whatsoever!

    Such information on claimed “deaths” due to “dietary supplement poison” would have been released on the spot whenever they occurred if they had actually occurred, but they did not occur, and the U.S. government knows that they did not occur. There is a zero mortality rate for dietary supplement versus prescription drugs which kill over 100,000 people in the U.S. alone every year due to known “side effects.” But the Codex Alimentarius is NOT really being implemented merely for drug company profits or control, but for political/demographic objectives to bring an increasing number of the population to an earlier death by depriving the masses of dietary supplements which keep them healthy and extend their life in that part of the world where there is no overt starvation, but where a significant percentage of people are forced to eat McDonalds and other fast food garbage. On the other hand no diet alone, restriction diet or otherwise, will double lifespan. (See further below.) Media focus on caloric restriction diets is for the sole purpose of diverting attention from megadoses of antioxidants, especially Coenzyme Q10, combined with interval training and no meat in the diet and the daily inclusion of oatmeal, an approach which can indeed double lifespan.

    The legislation known as the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) attracted the greatest citizen/constituent input of any legislation for that year, and since. That input by the U.S. population overwhelmingly supported the right of Americans to take dietary supplements without undue interference and regulation of the FDA and or control by the pharmaceutical industry or any other government agency. Prior to and in support of passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act in 1994 this writer, a physician and medical researcher by training, sent all 535 Members of Congress a copy of a review paper he authored on antioxidants based on the review of over 330 papers and abstracts. Library research by this writer revealed 2 bodies of literature in one! The overwhelming majority of research papers for over 50 years have supported the use of antioxidants in heart disease, cancer and longevity. However, a tiny number of papers all written by the same small group of individuals ruthlessly attacked antioxidants. The conclusions asserted in this latter group of papers were clearly unsupported, faulty on numerous bases, unquestionably biased and false and deliberately fraudulent. Vitamin C and Vitamin E, were demonstrated in the overwhelming majority of papers to be able to increase mean life span by up to 30% or more and Coenzyme Q-10 doubled mean life expectancy in one paper, as mentioned above This writer has been taking megadoses of antioxidants ever since he has been 14 years old and today looks over 20 years younger than his 68 years. Based on his findings and comprehensive review of the literature on antioxidants and his own personal experience in 2004 this writer requested and was effectively denied the right to appear before the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and Commerce Committee and give testimony concerning that legislation sponsored by Senators Durbin, McCain, Clinton, Harkin, Feinstein and Schumer.

    Campaign Uses Multiple Fraudulent “Studies”
    To Falsely Discredit Dietary Supplements!

    In order to provide a false pretext and provide a fraudulent momentum to try to ban megadoses of antioxidants and restrict the use of DHEA and herbs and other dietary supplements taken by millions of people the capitalists have carried out in the last several years a series of large heavily hyped but mostly deliberately uncontrolled deliberately fraudulent studies on older populations with multiple organ disease, which did not use properly significant amounts of antioxidants and other dietary supplements. These studies heavily-hyped by the capitalist media were deliberately contrived Frauds—not “flawed” or “Dangerously Dumb” as falsely claimed by the loyal, fake opportunist so-called “opposition,” such as Julian Whitaker, Gary Null, Stephen Sinatra, William Falloon, etc. terms which are deliberately designed to attribute good faith to those medical Fascists who carry out such deliberately fraudulent extremely large and virtually totally uncontrolled Studies.” These fake opposition figures from Julian Whitaker to Gary Null to the obsequious William Falloon of “Life Extension,” who have written well-documented articles and even books supporting the use of dietary supplements, are all part of the capitalist system and all want their piece of the pie if the U.S. government actually succeeds in banning dietary supplements. These scoundrels who go through the motions of “opposition” are just as guilty as the politicians and drug companies, who want to ban dietary supplements. Gary Null, Julian Whitaker, Stephen Sinatra and William Falloon are millionaire capitalists themselves or their front men and calculate that they will still be able to sell whatever useless items the capitalists still might permit to be sold if the government succeeds in banning megadose antioxidants and other dietary supplements!

    Despite the fact that the dietary supplement industry has deliberately omitted all mention of the primary political/demographic (population reduction) motive for the capitalists’ attacks on dietary supplements, Life Extension and Health and Healing have published excellent referenced refutations of the various fraudulent “studies” attacking antioxidants and other dietary supplements. For example see: The capitalists are attempting to set the stage to ban dietary supplements one after the other on the bases of these contrived, clumsily fraudulent so-called “studies,” which have attacked virtually every major dietary supplement with the Big Lie conclusion that they are either useless or even dangerous! See above! See also the ridiculous Wall Street Journal, March 20, 2006, full front page/2 page broadside in the B Section falsely labeled “The Case Against Vitamins.” Even more absurd was the fraudulent claim that “Low-Fat Diet Does Not Cut Health Risks Study Finds,” front page New York Times, February 8, 2006, where the studies participants maintained a 29% fat level in their diet while controls maintained a statistically insignificant 35%. (!) Talk about fraudulent studies!

    The Escalating Drumbeat to Falsely Discredit Dietary Supplements
    Continues With the Attack on the So-Called “Dirty Dozen!”

    On August 2, 2010 the capitalist dictatorship launched a massive high profile media attack against 10 different herbs plus Germanium and Colloidal Silver. The truth is that herbs are rarely-to-never taken without knowledge of their effects gained either from books on herbology or alternative medical practitioners. In addition, herbs are taken in small amounts and despite the claims of morbidity from taking the herbs on the “FDA’s “dirty dozen” list there have been no deaths. On the other hand, as mentioned below prescription drugs actually kill over 100,000 people each year in the United States alone!! Yet the FDA continues to grants approval to these poisons masquerading as medicines. In the TV advertisements the drug companies are now required to list the side effects of their phony death dealing so-called “medicines.” Those who read what appears there on a backdrop of supposedly contented patients (tra la la!) should be rightly scared half to death.

    The truth is that the herbs improve the health of a vast number of people without the side effects of prescription drugs which are far worse and which often include suicide and other fatal side effects. GERMANIUM, for example, extends lifespan and does for a fact strengthen the immune system. COLLOIDAL SILVER is effective for a wide range of ailments. Naturally the FDA wants to ban it. KAVA is an excellent anti-anxiety and sleep medication (with no fatal side effects!) But already KAVA is banned in Europe is due to the implementation of the Codex Alimentarius there. Europe also bans megadoses of antioxidants, etc! (See above.) YOHIMBE is an excellent aphrodisiac but it as a competitor of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. The side effects of Yohimbe are inconsequential in comparison to the side effect of the prescription drugs which can cause PRIAPISM, an erection lasting more than 4 hours which is due to clotting of blood in the penis. This can in result in permanent loss of function and in rare cases necessitate AMPUTATION!!!! Priapsim does not occur with Yohimbe. The capitalists are in control and have simply banned the competition based on a false pretext. The capitalist dictatorship wants to reduce the overall population in the United States and naturally wants to eliminate anything such as dietary supplements which genuinely makes people healthier or live longer. Reducing the population was a primary objective of the so-called Obama Healthcare Overhaul which cut over $500 billion from Medicare/Medicaid, turns all of healthcare over to the insurance industry and does not take full effect until after 3 years when most of those who passed it, against 58% opposition of the American people (!), will be long gone. Note that Medicare took effect THE VERY NEXT DAY after it was passed by Congress because it genuinely improved peoples’ health! “Obamacare” is designed to increase healthcare rationing to such a degree that people have their healthcare requests for tests and treatment denied so often and to such a degree that eventually they do not even attempt to see a physician when they are sick, but wait until they are at or near death. (See above.)

    The attack on the so-called “dirty dozen” health supplements means that the capitalist dictatorship is intensifying the attack on dietary supplements and megadose antioxidants and may decide to use EXECUTIVE DECREE to enforce compliance with the Codex Alimentarius as in Europe where there was no DSHEA. The Obama regime has already used Executive Decree to permanently end the Social Security Cost of Living Allowance in order to abolish the FUNCTION of Social Security, which is to keep older people alive. Note that a Federal District Court easily overturned Obama’s stem cell Executive Decree which supposedly opened up more stem cell lines for research. News reports made no mention that the ruling would even be appealed.

    Although the analysis of dietary supplements might appear to be a small issue in comparison with the other matters analyzed here it is significant in that it demonstrates that capitalism is fundamentally based on war and mass murder and crime at every level and will leave no stone unturned in expression of that dialectic and furthermore demonstrates that only a Socialist Revolution in the United States can permanently end such threats to peoples’ security at every level and guarantee a world with a sustainable future unlike capitalism, which guarantees a world with no future. Under capitalism all news is bad news. Today we live in a bureaucratic, military police state, a step short of Fascism known as Rule by Decree, which is a form of Bonapartism, as in Napoleon Bonaparte. Capitalism is presently in its Final Stage of Permanent War and State Terrorism. Today 95% of New Yorkers and presumably the majority of Americans agree given the choice that we need a new system based on human need not private profit. That means Socialism, and because of the one-way dynamic (development sequence) of capitalism, which is entirely independent of the wills of the capitalists and politicians themselves and which leads to Fascism, barbarism and finally the end of civilization, capitalism cannot be turned into Socialism. This means that capitalism cannot be reformed. Therefore we need a Socialist Revolution in the United States. The capitalist dictatorship rules by a combination of force and deception. Therefore, a Socialist Revolution can only be carried out by first disarming the capitalists and simultaneously exposing their primary weapon of deception, the Presidential “elections” and all elections by extension under capitalism, all of which perpetuate the number one Big Lie of capitalism, namely that capitalism can be reformed, which it cannot because of the above-described dynamic. Disarming the capitalists is thus the precondition for carrying out a Socialist Revolution in the United States as it was in Russia in 1917! Disarming the capitalist dictatorship is accomplished by calling for MUTINY in all U.S. armed forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, etc (the U.S. has a military presence in 130 countries) as in Vietnam, the real reason and the ONLY reason the Vietnam War ended in 1975! Because it was not led by Communists the immediate evacuation of all U.S. forces from Vietnam in days and hours quelled that mutiny.. Today the call for MUTINY must come from stateside and can only take place if it is organized by a genuine Communist Party, which must be built. Organization is dealt with elsewhere.


    In the background is also the matter of Vaccinosis. Vaccinosis is a clinical syndrome which results from multiple, repeated, bivalent or polyvalent vaccination and is expressed in 2 ways: 1.) Cancer, where the immune system is weakened, and 2.) Autoimmune Disease, where the immune system is damaged in a way that causes the body to attack itself. An example of the latter includes autism in children. While vaccination against Polio and tetanus, along with Rubella vaccination especially for girls so they do not develop German measles during pregnancy, all may be justified and have not been generally associated with an increased amount of autoimmune disease or cancer, Autism in children is indeed associated with the increased vaccination of children for childhood diseases (especially with polyvalent vaccines) including mumps, measles, chickenpox and whooping cough, which heretofore always provided immunity for life in an era when there was virtually no autism! And the increased amount of autism has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with “previous failure to diagnose or previous misdiagnosis” of that condition, which is a deliberately concocted pretext by the perpetrators of the increased rate of autism: the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires and the pharmaceutical companies. That is clearly the case today with multiple and polyvalent vaccinations of children and everyone else for every conceivable organism except the organisms which cause pandemics which the U.S.-led Biowarfare criminals want to employ to reduce specific populations (AIDS) or the population in general. The H1N1 “Swine Flu” and the H5N1 Bird Flu are examples. The coming next wave of the so-called “H1N1 Swine Flu,” will probably be a variant of the 1918 Spanish Flu Virus and has nothing to do with swine except for those employed by the U.S. Department of Biowarfare. In the fall of 2009 the capitalist dictatorship decided to put a temporary hold on this second wave of Swine Flu due to the fact that U.S. masses which are targeted for large-scale population reduction (extermination), showed that they did not even trust their dictatorship enough to be vaccinated against the common flu, much less the Swine Flu. The fact that the overwhelming majority of parents now understand that the so-called “childhood vaccinations” for Mumps, Measles and Rubella are the direct cause of autism in genetically susceptible individuals also has helped build a healthy fear of unneeded vaccinations! So, it was decided to try to accomplish the population reduction by using the Economic Crisis/Depression as a weapon to wage economic warfare against the masses to bring down the living standard and reduce the population in accordance with the requirements of Globalism—competition worldwide among the capitalists for the lowest salaried workers. They accomplish this through false claims of “required austerity to correct the budget deficit,” rather than simply instituting a Progressive Tax Structure and using the standard capitalist solution of Keynesian Deficit Spending to create jobs which stimulate DEMAND, the engine of the economy. The capitalists are doing everything possible to reduce demand in the economy by laying off and freezing salaries of government workers and supposedly relying on “Supply-Side/Bush-Obama Tax-Cut Economics,” explained by Ronald Reagan’s economic czar David Stockman as a sham with the objective of diverting money from social spending. In addition, U.S. Taxes are collected on only the first $106,800 of income rather than taxing ALL income with no exceptions. The top tax rate for millionaires and billionaires is only 27.9% but they do not even pay that. They pay the capital gains tax rate of 15% and sixty-six percent of U.S. businesses pay no tax at all. They’ve drained us dry!

    The Reconstructed 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic Virus with Slight Adaptations
    Is On Hand Ready to be Released as the “Second Wave of the Swine Flu!”

    The virus which caused the H1N1 1918 Spanish Flu has recently been dug up, sequenced, restructured and tested and found to be suitably virulent for reduction of the so-called “population demographic.” See Terrence M. Tumpey et al, in the October 7, 2005 Science: “Characterization of the Reconstructed 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic Virus.” The capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires has decided to temporarily delay “the next wave” of Swine Flu and have also decided to put “on hold” a world Avian Flu (Bird Fly) Pandemic at the present time, preferring for now to employ economic war alone to bring the masses to an earlier death while denying that as the obvious motive for their actions! But those population reduction options are still on the table for the future! In the meantime the U.S. government deliberately continues with these life-shortening multiple and polyvalent vaccinations for the very same reason that they are have designed a World Pandemic Swine Flu Virus—to bring people to an earlier death—to “solve the overpopulation demographic” in the capitalist way. See Materialist Analysis of the Obama Regime, Part I. It should be noted that routine Smallpox vaccination was halted in 1972 when it was claimed the risks of complications from the vaccination outweighed the threat of the disease. In 1982 Anthony Fauci, head of NIAID and Director of the U.S. Department of Biological Warfare, and presently the world’s Number One Biowarfare Criminal, who has also insinuated himself as the Editor of Harrison’s Textbook of Internal Medicine in order to censor all articles on basic medical practice. At this time he is still editor. Fauci also blocked development of the Panicalli/Paoletti Recombinant Vaccine for genital herpes in 1981 under the false pretext that the risk of meningitis from the vaccinia-based recombinant vaccine was “so great” its use was contraindicated. But the vaccinia-based Smallpox vaccine had been used previously to vaccinate hundreds of millions of people worldwide for generations and eliminated the scourge of Smallpox with very few side effects and very few fatalities.

    The U.S. government has meanwhile gone to great lengths to prevent development of an effective AIDS vaccine, first permitting work to be carried out only on vaccines which use the AIDS envelope lipoprotein. The U.S. government (NIH) refuses any funding of an AIDS vaccine which utilizes the viral RNA itself under the false pretext that the vaccine might infect people. This is despite the fact that deleting the SOR gene makes it impossible for the virus to replicate and would permit use of virtually all of the AIDS RNA to be used in the vaccine, minus the SOR gene. This would make an extremely effective recombinant vaccine but BioWarfare Criminal Anthony Fauci, & Co. and the U.S. Department of Biological Warfare do not permit that to occur. The field of AIDS vaccine “research” has been deliberately misled by various red herrings and presently degenerated into multiple dead ends such as the most recent studies of “new neutralizing monoclonal antibodies.” Previously the “intelligence community” has sidetracked research with the V520 vaccine which contained a weakened adenovirus (an adenovirus—a cold virus—seriously!?) which supposedly “produced T cells to kill HIV-infected cells.” Right! That “vaccine” and others like it were a ridiculous joke and resulted in total failure but it was good for a several year delay!

    To take it to the ridiculous, on February 22, 2006 the falsely named Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s immunization advisory committee has now recommended (by unanimous vote—no disagreement is tolerated in this club!) that all children between 6 months and 5 years old should be vaccinated against influenza. That means every child in this age group may be compelled to undergo flu vaccination every year! Look for an enormous increase in autoimmune disease and cancer in those who receive these vaccinations, which of course are to be added to the other vaccinations they are now sometimes forced to receive as mentioned above! See below. The claim that 153 children in this age group died in 2003-2004 from flu is a false argument for vaccination when they do not describe the circumstances of those deaths and other complicating factors, which could have contributed to the fatal outcomes, and when they know that a far higher percentage will go on to develop life-shortening autoimmune disease and cancer as current statistics also reveal! Which happens to be the population reduction objective of the ever-hardening capitalist dictatorship! Recall that the so-called Center for Disease Control is where the capitalists brag in the March 23, 2005 Wall Street Journal that they have created their human-to-human strain of the H5N1 Bird Flu virus and the Reconstructed 1918 Spanish Flu virus.

    In a Clumsy Act of Desperation to Try to Intimidate the Masses to Accept Vaccination
    The Capitalist Dictatorship has Launched a Full-Scale Big Lie Media Attack Against the
    First Researcher who Documented that Munps Measles and Rubella Vaccines Directly
    Cause Autism in Genetically Susceptible Children! Methinks They Protest Too Much!

    In 2007 Autism was found in every 150 children (!), according to ABC News, November 1, 2007. The New York Times, December 18, 2009 reported that figure has now increased: approximately so that one in a hundred 8-year old children now have autism, Asperger’s Syndrome or pervasive developmental disorder, otherwise known as autism spectrum disorders (ASD)! The most bizarre response of the capitalist dictatorship to “bar Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield from practicing medicine in Britain,” (Associated Press, May 24, 2010) and the full-scale media attack launched through the discredited British Medical Journal January 6, 2011, simply reemphasizes his importance and the widespread recognition that the mumps, measles and Rubella vaccinations of children ARE THE CAUSE OF AUTISM! In February 2009, after 12 years (!), the capitalist dictatorship and pharmaceutical companies finally forced the retraction of Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 article in the British medical journal, The Lancet, which first conclusively documented multiple developmental disorders in children directly associated with receiving primarily polyvalent vaccination for mumps, measles and rubella, including: autism 75%, disintegrative psychosis (one child), possible postviral or vaccinal encephalitis (two children) plus all had ”intestinal abnormalities ranging from lymphoid nodular hyperplasia similar to that found in Crohn’s Disease (an autoimmune disease) to aphthoid ulcertion.” Note: One child had received monovalent measles vaccine. [Citation: “Ileal-lymphoid hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children,” The Lancet, Vol. 351, Issue 9103, February 28, 1998.] Wakefield’s only error was in not waiting a wee bit longer and publishing a study which included a much, much larger number of patients. Today there are 1.8 million children with autism in the United States and a comparable number as a percentage of the population in the UK and wherever the MMR vaccines are administered, with an annual increase of 20% in new cases in the US!

    The smear campaign against Wakefield makes it appear as if he is the only person who has made the direct cause and effect association between childhood vaccinations in children and the sudden appearance of autism in children, when in fact that is the opinion of the overwhelming majority of those objective individuals who have examined the issue. The truth is that the parents of the children who have been handed a diagnosis of autism along with the MMR trivalent vaccination of their children made the association without any assistance whatsoever from Dr. Andrew Wakefield whose paper merely confirmed their already firm beliefs! The medical establishment is in complete unethical alliance with the drug companies as documented above and herein and of course lines up against Wakefield and the parents and their children! The false claim that childhood vaccinations such as MMR do NOT cause autism is another textbook example of the Big Lie Technique and readers should review the explanation provided above. Note that it did not take too hefty a bribe or too many threats both of which were indubitably utilized to cause 10 of the original 13 authors of Wakefield’s paper to now “denounce” both the paper and Wakefield. Note: there were 13 authors of that paper and they all fully supported its methods and conclusions.
    The capitalists’ so-called “intelligence community” believes that it may be able to intimidate parents to accept the TOTALLY UNNECESSARY VACCINATIONS of their children by “taking down” Dr. Andrew Wakefield. But that is NOT going to happen! No matter what they do they canl NOT destroy his credibility! The capitalists’ so-called “intelligence community” has pulled out all the stops in targeting Dr. Andrew Wakefield, using a Rupert Murdoch (Fox News, NY Post, Wall Street Journal, London Times, etc.) stooge who has been assigned to try to discredit Wakefield since 2003! The hugely discredited British Medical Journal, January 5, 2011, began the attack by publishing a false but heavily hyped hatchet job on Wakefield which was later synopsized in the New York Times (January 6, 2011), etc. and reported on CNN (Anderson Cooper 360!) and of course Fox News! The capitalists believe that if they can get parents to accept the MMR vaccination then that can be used to try to further intimidate the U.S. masses to get “vaccinated” against Swine Flu, or for whatever they say whenever they say, which is an important step in getting the masses to accept their own widespread slaughter as part of U.S. Biowarfare operations. Simultaneously the U.S. Department of Biological Warfare and U.S. pharmaceutical industry, which work closely together, are presently organizing the drug store chains to carry out a “Get a Flu Vaccine Shot” campaign carried out e.g. in Walgreens and Duane Reade and right out onto the city streets in a HARD SELL scare campaign!

    Articles in various medical journals pretend to be concerned about “what possibly could be the cause” of such an increase in autism, but then cite no credible reason and disavow childhood vaccinations as the obvious cause! (Scientists Remain “Baffled by Increase in Autism!) Right, sure! Also, the truth is that the mercury preservatives in vaccines may aggravate autism, but are definitely not the main cause. It is the vaccinations themselves. This was proved when the so-called “intelligence community” organized groups of parents to insist that it was “that mercury (alone) in the preservatives” which caused autism. This is an example of straw man disinformation. When it was easily proved that eliminating the mercury from the vaccines did not decrease the astronomical increase in autism, which continued, then the whole argument that vaccines cause autism was supposed to collapse “like a straw man.” But it did not collapse and the focus properly fell on the vaccines themselves not the mercury! Today it is widely recognized that vaccines alone cause autism in children, especially multiple, bivalent and trivalent vaccinations! In another desperate attempt to discredit the truth and reality the capitalist dictatorship is trying to make it appear as if the entire case rests on one person and one research paper, WHICH THEY REFUSE TO REPRINT so that people can make their own choice. Instead the media prints long screeds and rants by a journalist (!) not a physician or a researcher, attacking the Wakefield paper and the author, which are published in the British Medical Journal. (!) Oy! This is yet another clumsy attempt to employ the straw man method of trying to falsely discredit obvious cause and effect. Supposedly by attacking Wakefield, the author of the first paper, who is a well-known proponent of the association of childhood vaccinations and autism, then the reality of cause and effect will supposedly just disappear! It does not disappear and it does not compute! Note that autoimmune disease is also very easy to see in cats and dogs incidentally. The pharmaceutical industry recommends vaccination on a yearly basis usually consisting of a combination trivalent vaccinations for feline distemper (panleukopenia), rhinotracheitis and calicivirus, etc. and most veterinarians sheepishly and unethically comply with this horrible and murderous “advice.”

    The majority of cats begin to develop either cancer or autoimmune disease like clockwork. For example, a high percentage of cats begin to develop symptoms of autoimmune disease or cancer or leukemia and die when they are about 11 to13 years old or even before. Dogs and cats should have only ONE such vaccination and no repeats! And the overwhelming majority of Veterinarians many of whom know about vaccinosis, go along with yearly vaccinations because 1.) yearly combination vaccinations bring in customers, 2) they get paid for treating the diseases caused by vaccinosis (!) and 3.) they are simply unethical and take their lead from the capitalist system itself which is doing the same thing to humans, where the result of increased profits of the pharmaceutical industry parasites and decreased life span is also the objective, not simply a consequence! The recent February 12, 2009 false “decision” (!) by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. that vaccines don’t cause autism is just more cover-up of cause and effect, which has been firmly documented and continues to be documented every day: childhood vaccination is the chief cause of autism in those who are genetically susceptible. A good reference to learn about Vaccinosis is Pitcairn is the well-known Veterinarian/author who has worked in research and private practice for years. Also check vaccinosis on your search engine.

    William H. Depperman, Coordinator
    United Front Against Racism
    And Capitalism-Imperialism
    New York, N.Y. 10003
    Revised January 7, 2011

    Comment by William H. Depperman — 7 Jan 11 @ 0123 | Reply

  73. Hi, I’d like to add my blog to your list. is a blog for parents of adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. My son has autism and is currently living in supported living. He is 36 yrs old and lives in a house with another man with a disability and full time support staff. I write of our adventures as a parent, advocate and teacher. Hope you all will come visit. Mary

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  74. Hi I would love to feature your blog on our new site.
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    Father of 2 children on the Spectrum and baby #6 on the way.

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  75. Inspirational Stories to help you get through the rough times – at

    Matt is now 25, but 23 years ago they slapped a moderate to severe autism diagnosis on him. No one would do that now as he is high functioning. It was a hard road – and still is at times, but look at what can be accomplished; graduated #4 in his class and with honors.

    Check out the stories, meet Matt and become a member of the World According to Matt

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  76. My son is 17 years old with a diagnosis made by a Neuropsychologist of Aspergers. Since he was 6 he was on psychotropic meds to control his anger and extreme behavior issues. He’s had spec ed from Early Intervention all through High School. Recently we “accidentally” came across something that has helped him so much we’re pulling him off meds and his mood and behavior are way better than they were on the meds, with Anger Management Therapy, etc. We tried a product discovered by the Volcani Institute in Israel, a super high powered Omega-3 made from Sage seeds on which the Israel holds the patent. We got it for his eczema. As his skin started to clear up, so did his moods. We asked him what was going on and he just said “I feel happy.” We tried to pull him off his meds 2 weeks before, but we had to put him back on due to his returning feeling of anger and depression. He’s on 6 pills of MARVALOUS Omega-3 and has had 5 successful meds reductions and is about to embark on his 6th. He’s happy, connective, and social for the first time. I hear it may not work for everyone if their body cannot convert ALA into EPA and DHA,. My other 2 kids have ADD and this dramatically improves their focus.. It isn’t cheap and you can’t get it in stores or online. The Volcani Institute has done a lot of research on this for the past 7 years and only formed the company to commercially produce it since 2009. A lot of research focuses on how much it improves brain function in Alzheimers and other disorders. There is no official data on autism, but anecdotally, we see a HUGE improvement in our son and friends with kids on the spectrum are seeing it as well. We became distributors because we buy it in such bulk.We have tried a lot of things and this non-toxic oil has been a blessing. I am on a mission to spread the word on this one. I’ll send you links and you’ll decide. We are ecstatic.

    Comment by Mindy Weinstein — 30 Jan 11 @ 0935 | Reply

    • My son is 17 years old with a diagnosis made by a Neuropsychologist of Aspergers. Since he was 6 he was on psychotropic meds to control his anger and extreme behavior issues. He’s had spec ed from Early Intervention all through High School. Recently we “accidentally” came across something that has helped him so much we’re pulling him off meds and his mood and behavior are way better than they were on the meds, with Anger Management Therapy, etc. We tried a product discovered by the Volcani Institute in Israel, a super high powered Omega-3 made from Sage seeds on which the Israel holds the patent. We got it for his eczema. As his skin started to clear up, so did his moods. We asked him what was going on and he just said “I feel happy.” We tried to pull him off his meds 2 weeks before, but we had to put him back on due to his returning feeling of anger and depression. He’s on 6 pills of MARVALOUS Omega-3 and has had 5 successful meds reductions and is about to embark on his 6th. He’s happy, connective, and social for the first time. I hear it may not work for everyone if their body cannot convert ALA into EPA and DHA,. My other 2 kids have ADD and this dramatically improves their focus.. It isn’t cheap and you can’t get it in stores or online. The Volcani Institute has done a lot of research on this for the past 7 years and only formed the company to commercially produce it since 2009. A lot of research focuses on how much it improves brain function in Alzheimers and other disorders. There is no official data on autism, but anecdotally, we see a HUGE improvement in our son and friends with kids on the spectrum are seeing it as well. We became distributors because we buy it in such bulk.We have tried a lot of things and this non-toxic oil has been a blessing. I am on a mission to spread the word on this one. I’ll send you links and you’ll decide. We are ecstatic.I must add that he’s tried fish oil in the past and it had no effect.

      Comment by Mindy Weinstein — 30 Jan 11 @ 0939 | Reply

      • So how, where, and how much are these pills? Do you know if young children can take them as well? My daughter is 5 and has severe anger, frustration, anxiety, and behavioral problems. At this point we are trying everything we know to do therapy wise, but always willing to try something new.

        Comment by Krystle Richard — 3 Feb 11 @ 1141

  77. Just started my blogging adventure. Can’t wait to read through some of the other blogs listed on here.

    Comment by Mandarin Pearl — 31 Jan 11 @ 1343 | Reply

  78. Hmm How to start… Well I am the mother of a beautiful 5 year old daughter with autism. I came to the web and this blog today to try to find some help, and advice from my fellow piers. I feel like the doctors are the ones with the degree’s but yet no one can seem to give me an answer that makes my “maternal instinct” feel at ease. I am looking for a parent that when you read this you say, that sounds all to familiar. Please I need guidance, I do not know where to start or which turn to take.

    This is my situation. Kourtney (my daughter) is non-verbal, with high frustration and anxiety. Along with the usual paragraph of diagnois’. Since about the third week of November Kourtney seemed like she was getting a cold. Which seemed normal enough due to her PICA. But then she started showing symptoms of the stomach flu. I took her to the pediatrician and she said of course, viral. It will go away in a week or so. It took a good 2 weeks. Ever since that time Kourtney seems to be fine during the day, but is still vomiting in the middle of the night. Still! We are now in february, I just took her to the doctor again on Tuesday (3rd time) to once again express my concerns. Doctors seems to think its normal! Her explanation to me: Well because she is in school and her pica disorder, it is not uncommon for a child to repeatably get sick. She said consider the average common cold takes 7 to 10 days to get over. Its a bad process.
    The thing is, is that she won’t throw up during the day, only at night (at am hours) and not every night, maybe every other night. I am so confused and well just have no explanation. Someone recently told me to take her to childrens hospital. Okay do I take her to childrens hospital LA or OC and does anyone know the difference. Once I get there what should I tell them, simply that I think there is something medically wrong with my little girl and no one will listen or even check her for anything other than a common cold. I get so tired of “a-typical” people looking at me like Im crazy, I just want someone to just listen for once! Aghhh!!

    Anyhow, please, please, please- If anyone can try to point me in the right direction for what I need to do to help my little one and myself… Would truly be amazing.

    Comment by Krystle Richard — 3 Feb 11 @ 1135 | Reply

  79. This is a great resource for us parents. I started blogging last year, maybe you can add mine.

    Thank you!

    Comment by Flannery Sullivan — 3 Feb 11 @ 1220 | Reply

  80. The above is a link to my blog about life with my son who is diagnosed as PDD-NOS.
    I share our joys, struggles, and resources in this blog.
    Libby Loucks

    Comment by Libby Loucks — 3 Feb 11 @ 1623 | Reply

  81. I’d like to add my blog as well to the list. I write about raising my young son with autism and his older “typical” siblings.

    Comment by Aimee Velazquez — 10 Feb 11 @ 1011 | Reply

  82. good stuff Amy. Much appreciated. You might like this guys blog. Funny.

    Comment by Gary — 10 Feb 11 @ 1130 | Reply

  83. I just started a blog about my daughter’s autism here

    Comment by Our Autism Journey — 15 Feb 11 @ 1421 | Reply

  84. Comment by Our Autism Journey — 15 Feb 11 @ 1422 | Reply

  85. I just started a blog about my struggles and adventures with my son Treovr, who has classic autism. This blog is not super inforative although I know many specialists, schools, respite resources and have devoted hours and hours to reading and being informed about this illness. Its more a way for me to survive and keep a positive attitude about what we are going through. I have had do drift away from some important friendships and devote that time to my son and making his life better. This will hopefully help those friends understand how tricky autism is. I would also like to meet other parents of chilren with autism as well as people with autism in the community so that we can share our journeys together. If you are a parent with a newly diagnosed child and/or you are feeling scared or alone in all of this please write. I would love to be a listening ear and help to you. 🙂

    Comment by Trevor's Mom — 20 Feb 11 @ 1627 | Reply

  86. I just started a blog in November. My son was diagnosed in June. The blog is about our family’s life in general and how autism affects every part of what we do. I searched constantly for just this sort of list, so thank you. Even if I never meet these people, it helps to not feel so isolated and utterly alone.

    Comment by dey8295 — 25 Feb 11 @ 0545 | Reply

  87. I just wanted to share the most incredible experience ever with you regarding my family’s very first vacation with my 9 year old autistic son. Last year I learned of a company called Autism on the Seas on Facebook and immediately my husband was ready to go. After much debate, we booked our very first family vacation with them and I’m so glad we did. The Autism staff was amazing and our Group Director, Jamie Grover is a saint sent from heaven. We cannot wait to do this again in 2012. Thank you Autism on the Seas for providing such a wonderful service for family’s like mine.

    Comment by Susan Parks — 12 Mar 11 @ 1115 | Reply

  88. Here is the link to their website if anyone is interested and you can also see them on facebook.

    Comment by Susan Parks — 12 Mar 11 @ 1120 | Reply

  89. Hi my name is ashley and I am currently conducting a study on stress factors in families who have children diagnosed with autism. I would appreciate it if you could help me out by taking the survey. I believe this study will have many implications in the future, but helping our society realize the areas that our families need help in the most. Thanks the link is

    Comment by Ashley — 14 Mar 11 @ 0619 | Reply

  90. Olive Leaf Ministries:

    Comment by Nancy Douglas — 20 Mar 11 @ 0752 | Reply

  91. Olive Leaf Ministries facebook

    Comment by Nancy Douglas — 20 Mar 11 @ 0753 | Reply

  92. Just started the Autism Maven blog on wordpress. Hope you will subscribe and add me to your list. Thanks!

    Comment by autismmaven — 21 Mar 11 @ 1736 | Reply

  93. Just began the Autistic Parents blog. It will be a blog about life with autistic twins and the daily struggles and triumphs that we endure. Im hoping to be able to assist other families as Im sure some feedback and comments will be able to help me. Please add me to your list and follow me. Thank you…

    Comment by Mom of 3 — 21 Mar 11 @ 1904 | Reply

  94. I just started My Kids Autism Journey blog…. I will include everyday life as well as treatments that have helped my kids. Hope you will subscribe to my blog.. Thanks!!!

    Comment by Cyndi — 22 Mar 11 @ 0555 | Reply

  95. Hi,
    I have just started my own blog. I have 4 out of my 5 children diagnosed on different areas of the spectrum and Im going to journal about my day to day challenges, as there are many. I am some what isolated and would like to use my blog as a way of venting and hope to also assist, motivate and inspire others.

    Check it out and join in. Cheers. 🙂

    Comment by Dannielle & Noel — 25 Mar 11 @ 0540 | Reply

  96. I am a physical therapist, longstanding board trustee for a special ed preschool for autistic children, and parent of two boys on the spectrum. Please read my latest blog post, “A Tale of March Madness- How Basketball Rescued my Autistic Son”…..D Marie

    Comment by D Marie — 1 Apr 11 @ 2210 | Reply

  97. My wife and I just started a blog about our journey as parents of an autistic child. We would be grateful if you added our site to your page!


    Comment by Chris Higgins — 8 Apr 11 @ 1308 | Reply

    • Hello,

      We are graduate students at the MFA Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Arts in New York. We’re looking to design a product for children with autism aged 4-7 years, that can help reinforce executive functioning skills – possibly through the use a visual schedule.

      We’d love to get your thoughts and perspective on this subject. Could we get in touch with you, either over email or on the phone, at a time that’s convenient for you? Please leave your reply below or get in touch with us at

      Thanks so much, looking forward to hearing from you.

      Comment by offcenter2014 — 9 Nov 14 @ 1552 | Reply

  98. I just started a fundraising blog for families with autism in Sout Africa.
    On this blog I tell about our journey of autism with our son. And I plan to put special offers and information on this blog for parents.You are welcome to visit us and take part in an effort to make a difference.

    Comment by Sonja Taljaard — 11 Apr 11 @ 0627 | Reply

    This is from my families own personal experiences,the autism community has some really disgusting people out there
    looking to prey on vulnerable persons and families like yourselves.Persons or groups of New-Agers and others that
    want to take money and you or spouse from already struggling families however they can. breaking families mentally,
    physically,emotionally and finacially.These people or groups will offer false hopes,promises of healing to you or children while destroying what is left.Beware of practices that are alternative,there is no substitute for a good doctor who cares knows you and your child, and the work put forth with love.Accept What God gave us and do the best you can.Through vulnerability i lost a wife,best friend,and the children are left with the shell of mother they once had,who works recruiting for the network or group.Reiki is a practice of the occult,and from what i had seen first hand the study of it includes occultic materials,REIKI IS FRAUDELENT,SO IS ENERGY HEALING.These practices offer
    nothing,a hit to your pocketbook,emptiness,false promises,and they will tell you whatever answers you are looking for to get you back.Please do not get sucked into self-help see a credited councellor if you need to,really it is o.k. to do so being a parent of a special needs child is extremely difficult in many aspects,as i found out just because someone claims to be a councellor does not make them accredited or a good person,please do your research thoroughly.
    Beware of Bizaar fliers,handouts,seminars or whatever else refers to you or your children beind Indigo People or Crystal Children,look into these materials to protect yourselves it is a recruiting tool. Research the special needs schools your child is attending,Low and behold these people are found working in them,and are waiting for oppurtunity for recruitment.Watch out for yoga and meditaion that is a means to suck you in,not saying its all bad,but be careful.It doesnt lead to chanting,out of body meditation,and eventually the demeaning of you by the group to separate you from your spouse for their benefit,I have experienced much more than is being put up here.This is being
    put up out of wholeheartedness as a means of awareness to protect you and your family from people with bad intentions,
    This family has lost a good woman,wife,and mother to be one of these people,a woman that used to have morals,values,
    and integrity it breaks my heart daily to have lost the best friend i married.It also breaks my heart that not everyone is going to get read this and more persons and families will suffer from it.

    Comment by Joe Matthews — 14 Apr 11 @ 1737 | Reply

  100. I have a blog called Meltdowns, Chaos and Aspergers. I would love it if you could add my link.

    Comment by Simone — 21 Apr 11 @ 0348 | Reply

  101. I have just recently opened a blog about our 48 year old autistic son, and our experiences being actual “Pioneers in the Wasteland of Autism.” He was diagnosed in 1966 at age 4. No one knew anything about autism then…not even the doctors. Please check my blog out at I appreciate this give and take blog, and would like to be added to it. Thanks! L. Carole Scott

    Comment by L.Carole Scott — 24 Apr 11 @ 1715 | Reply

  102. I started a blog as a fundraiser for autism in South Africa.You can read about my own son’s journey and in the future there will be a lot of information on there about autism and other parent’s stories.

    Comment by Sonja Taljaard — 25 Apr 11 @ 0439 | Reply

  103. I just recently started a blog about my daughter. We are getting the official diagnosis on Wednesday, but it looks like PDD-NOS and ADHD. She was also sexually assaulted by a friend’s son, so we are dealing with that as well. I am hoping that what I blog about will help others, and just give me a place to vent, and remember.
    Thanks for such a great resource. I have gone through a lot of the sites here, and through out the comments. I have found some that will be great for me to follow!

    Comment by Christena — 2 May 11 @ 1026 | Reply

  104. hCoy3x

    Comment by frenky — 7 May 11 @ 1639 | Reply

  105. Hi to all in the autism community,
    My ‘autism’ blog is fairly new and would love to share it with you all and hopefully generate some good discussions, thoughts and helpful hints.

    Comment by Anna Brasier — 12 May 11 @ 0503 | Reply

  106. Hi again,
    I forgot to add my blog address is ‘’

    Comment by Anna Brasier — 12 May 11 @ 0505 | Reply

  107. Hi there-
    I just started a blog ‘’
    So far, it’s just a place where I can go to hash out some of my everyday thoughts and evolving perspectives as the mother of child with autism. I don’t sing or dance on my blog (that’s probably a good thing) but the welcome mat is out… feel free to stop by for a visit!

    Comment by Elizabeth — 17 May 11 @ 1954 | Reply

  108. Wow, lots of blogs. Sorry I did not read all 108 posts and I feel for you for all the reading you have here. I am here also to leave my blog which is everyday occurances with a positive light shed on them (mostly) and some spiritual encouragement as well for others who may be enduring difficulties in life whether or not it is autism. My husband is just now putting together a DIY type blog for tips on how to “autism proof” your home. The site is

    happy reading all!


    Comment by Janice Nicholson — 23 May 11 @ 0919 | Reply

  109. Hello,

    We are looking to assist a group of families in South Carolina that are interested in going on a family group cruise vacation with Autism on the Seas with children of any age and any developmental disability. Our grant program is not limited to So. Carolina either, we are a nationwide program. We have recently acquired funds generated in South Carolina and would like to support and use those funds for families within the state.

    Skyeward Bound Ranch (SBR) is a Non-Profit, Tax Exempt 501(c) 3 Charitable Organization dedicated to providing social and recreational interaction of specially challenged youth and adults. You can get additional information about us and Autism on the Seas on their website at:

    If you could offer any suggestions on a network or other means of reaching out to families interested in taking a family cruise vacation with our supporting agency Autism on the Seas, I would greatly appreciate any information you can offer.


    Comment by Debby Steffy — 4 Jun 11 @ 1104 | Reply

  110. Please consider adding Asperger’s at Home ( It’s a mix of parenting and homeschooling a kid on the spectrum.

    Comment by Sarah — 14 Jun 11 @ 1041 | Reply

    • Great new product for teaching autisic children to read, this program would work great for homeschooling. Check us out at

      Comment by Dawna Halter — 15 Nov 11 @ 1817 | Reply

  111. is beautiful, informative, fun autism blog too! I’m biased though. is my website. 😉

    If you find it suitable, please list it here?


    Comment by Shane — 17 Jun 11 @ 1101 | Reply

  112. New Blog by me on my families new experience with ASD

    Comment by Danielle Kovolisky-Sforza — 22 Jun 11 @ 2344 | Reply

  113. Wow.., what a great resource and community for everyone who is lucky enough to have a friend or family member on the spectrum! Lots of good information and networking going on. Check out if you are interested in social narratives and behavior strategies. Enjoy!

    Comment by Kim — 27 Jun 11 @ 1359 | Reply

  114. This is a great resource for all parents, caregivers and those simply interested in assisting autistic individuals meet their challenges ! I have recently started a Blog ( titled – In Adi’s wonderous world of Autism. As Indian parents of an autistic child who was born in India, we have faced the unique perspectives of positioning the challenges of our child within the fabric of Indian society (including our relatives), where knowledge and acceptance of this condition is limited and response strategies are not well known. Now settled in US, we are extremely enthused by what we learn every day and want to share the information and knowledge with all, specially with those from India who may not have access to this information.

    Comment by Joydip Mukherji — 30 Jun 11 @ 0136 | Reply

  115. I do not have a child with autism but I work at a school for children with autism. I realized that parents really needed to be able to purchase weighted items for their loved ones so I started Weighted Love. I create weighted blankets, vest, neck wraps and other items for them. I wanted to make it that families could afford them so I have made them at a reduced cost but high quality for families. Please if you are interested or know someone who might be check out my website. I have just started the website so it is only one page and very basic but it will give you all of the basic info. Thank you in advance.

    Comment by Brenda — 2 Jul 11 @ 1604 | Reply

    • Hi Brenda. Sounds great that those items will be available for the families. We have a new business providing reading resources that we have at low prices also. They are made just for autistic children in the themes they like and feel safe in. check it out. Hopefully you at the school or some of the families can use these to help them teach their children to read. Thanks so much. Dawna Halter

      Comment by Dawna Halter — 15 Nov 11 @ 1815 | Reply

  116. Constant clean-up – does anyone else find themselves a constant nursemaid to their child’s mess? My son is 9 and severe, non-verbal – all I do is clean up after him constantly – constant accidents – peeing all over the seat in the bathroom & on the floor, mess with everything he eats, constant laundry -it’s exhausting. I also have a 4 year old typical girl – I’m constantly exhausted – I don’t work – luckily I’m married and my husband can support us – but just barely – but I find myself dreading that I won’t be able to get on with my life – career, etc. Like I’m meant to do this. Any response would be appreciated….

    Comment by Lynne G. — 9 Jul 11 @ 0617 | Reply

  117. To Lynne G. I know it seems never-ending, and may have gone on for a LONG time already, but I’m praying that things WILL get better for you. Many of the things our autistic son did for ever so long, got better as he matured. It may be that for NOW, this IS your “job”…your lot in life…but hopefully, it won’t be forever. Visit my blog-site– and read my post “Symptoms of Autism–Characteristics as a Child…Then as an Adult,” and I think you will find it helpful. Also, other of my postings may help “uplift” you! God bless and strengthen you in your job as this little boy’s mother. You have my utmost admiration! Carole Norman Scott

    Comment by Carole Norman Scott — 9 Jul 11 @ 0750 | Reply

  118. Yeah…I believe its a great resource for everyone who is lucky to have a friend on the spectrum! Lots of good information and networking.

    Comment by Child Learning Development — 14 Jul 11 @ 1226 | Reply

  119. Hello,

    My name is Mary Pat Stephenson. I have been a preschool special needs teacher for 25 years, working with autistic children and their families.

    My sons founded, a website where you can upload photos and turn them into wrapped canvas prints. During my summer vacation, I am doing a drive to raise money for the Autism Society.

    We created a page on our site where customers who want to get a photo made into a canvas will get a 30% discount and the rest of the profits from every order will be donated to the Autism Society. The page is at

    Our public profile for the fundraising drive on the Autism Society’s site is

    I’m reaching out to you because I found your blog and I thought maybe this would be something you would share with your readers. Please let me know. Thank you!

    Mary Pat Stephenson

    Comment by Mary Pat Stephenson — 22 Jul 11 @ 1110 | Reply

    • Mary, what a great thing that your sons are doing! I have tweeted about it, and will pass the info around where I can.

      Comment by Chris — 22 Jul 11 @ 1257 | Reply

  120. am desperate for help, dealing with anger issues of a teen with autism , he is on medication but the daily attacks are gonna do me in and there is no one in the family I can turn to.

    Comment by chris — 25 Jul 11 @ 1418 | Reply

    • Chris, I feel for you SO much! I’m sure you have talked with the doctor that put your teen on the medication. Some can have “aggression” as a side effect. In the meantime, do you have your child’s name in any facility that could work with him/her? I will pray for help for you. Since looking into these blogs, I have a list of parents of/and autistic children to pray for. Our son had the same problem so I DO know what you are going through. He was only 13 and not yet full grown, but was STRONG. We had his name (for several years) in a facility, and he DID go to live there. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but it has turned out that he now has the best of both worlds. He can come home for visits (and does GREAT), and he gets the help he needs where he lives, and they can deal with it better than we could. We were afraid someone was going to get hurt, and had a younger child to consider (PLUS ourselves and an older daughter). I know you don’t have much time to do this, but if you can ever sneak a peek, go to, and my story is there in several postings that I hope will help you. God bless you! Carole Scott

      Comment by autism45 — 25 Jul 11 @ 1432 | Reply

  121. […] But there’s also Blogflux, with 48 recommendations including “24/7 Moms”, “To Love, Honour and Vacuum”, “Crazy Adventures in Parenting” and “I Should Be Folding Laundry”.  There are blogs for step-parents and parents of autistic children. […]

    Pingback by For Parents: Read what other parents are saying! « Belmont Chapel Under Fives — 31 Jul 11 @ 1647 | Reply

  122. Great Article! Your concepts and insights are well worthwhile learning. You actually myself valuable content. Thank you for sharing that!

    Comment by Merle Hollenshead — 6 Aug 11 @ 2015 | Reply

  123. Would you mind enabling rss feeds, because this page is difficult to read on my phone. Don’t mean to be a complainer, but I figure if it would help me it would probably help others as well. Thanks 🙂

    Comment by speeding — 11 Aug 11 @ 0743 | Reply

  124. KjT3F0

    Comment by joseph — 24 Aug 11 @ 0515 | Reply

  125. Hi,
    Love this list though it’s going to take me about a year to read my way through all the blogs!
    Here is where I blog about our Laughing boy who is now 16;

    Some funny tales but also frustrations!

    Comment by sarasiobhan — 27 Aug 11 @ 0629 | Reply

  126. So often, parents with children on the spectrum feel isolated and overwhelmed. The ability to connect with others who are going through similar situations is the ultimate therapy. Blogging provides us an opportunity to “vent” about what is going on in our daily lives.

    Long story short, we are “just two moms” wanting to share our personal stories, and recycle and simplify information we have come across over the years…and maybe even help you feel that you are not alone.

    We are very new to the blogging world and are trying to figure out how it all works. A Ventography! is a work in progress and evolving daily. Please come check us out.

    Comment by Liv and Maureen — 28 Aug 11 @ 1655 | Reply

  127. Dr. Amy Yasko is hosting a conference in Los Angeles this October. Her work with Autism has helped many, I think this will be a very informational event. Here’s a link to the conference information. Hope this helps!

    Comment by Jamie — 30 Aug 11 @ 1329 | Reply

  128. Dr. Amy Yasko is hosting a conference in Los Angeles this October. Her work with Autism has helped many, I think this will be a very informational event. I am very much looking forward to it. She has a great presentation to give. Also, there is a beginner session on the first night that is open to the public and free. Here’s a link to the conference information. Hope this helps!

    Comment by Jamie — 30 Aug 11 @ 1331 | Reply

    • I couldn’t figure out how to delete my first post and I wanted to include more information, sorry about that.

      Comment by Jamie — 30 Aug 11 @ 1333 | Reply

  129. For many parents of children afflicted with autism, the end of summer is also the end of a brief respite from the stress and rancor of battling school district officials and staff for appropriate accommodations for your child. It is, once again, time to meet the professionals who are entrusted with your autistic child’s future. Here’s some advice from a tortured, but ultimately victorious, mother who advocated for her child every single day, of every single year (living in a country with no laws protecting the disabled). This writer’s child did, indeed, graduate high school without being tracked, and ultimately received what she required (no thanks to the bureaucrats who obstructed every single, painful step of the way). Here are the eight rules this mother lived by:

    1) Know what your child needs
    Here’s where you need to do your homework. First, make sure that the privately funded professionals working with your child have a clear idea of a) your child’s needs and b) how the school district can fulfill those needs e.g. a full-time aide with expertise in ABA, or a part-time trained aide purely for recess and lunch. Your professional(s) need to commit this to paper in an Individual Education Plan – IEP, so that even before you approach the school district for the first time, you are ready to respectfully deliver your child’s requirements as prepared by your professional, autism treatment team.

    2) Keep a journal
    Keep a journal by your phone and in your car. Every time you talk with school officials about your child and his/her needs, write it down. Everything! You need to record every promise and every interaction, noting the time and date. Your child (and your lawyer if necessary) will appreciate this written log tremendously.

    3) Know your rights!
    If you live in the United States, you have a relatively easier task of securing your child’s educational rights because the federal legislation is quite clear, and there are many advocates available to educate parents. In addition, there are books that can help you get up to speed quickly. If you are not in the United States, make it a point to find out what your child’s rights are and please e-mail me with that information since I would very much like to share the information with international visitors to this blog.

    4) Acquire local knowledge
    Talk to other parents in your school district to get an impression as to how open or close-minded the school officials are when it comes to accommodating children with autism. In addition, find out what accommodations the school district has provided other parents (but never use that knowledge against those parents)!

    5) Never let them see you cry!
    Let me repeat that: Never let them see you cry! A popular technique honed by years of practice within the special education field is for the school “experts” to befriend you, and comfort you on how difficult your life must be with a child afflicted with autism (all the while not providing for your child). This technique works particularly well with parents who are prone to becoming emotionally upset, rather than angry, because their child’s needs are not being met.

    Remember, your job is not to make friends. They don’t even have to like you: they need to respect the fact that you know your child’s rights, and you will not compromise on what s/he requires. Be careful if they seem too fond of you.

    6) Do NOT use untoward language
    No matter how angry they make you feel, no matter how disrespectful they are of you, never get into a yelling match, and never use profanity (even though it may feel good at the time). Always keep your cool! One technique of incompetent special educators is to paint the parent as an unreasonable, unstable person. Then these employees can use standard regulations to bar the parent from the school grounds. Remember, everything you say may be used against you in a hearing or court proceeding.

    7) Get an advocate
    If you are not getting anywhere on your own, it is time to find an advocate to help you get your child’s needs met. The advocate’s involvement may force the principal to put the school system’s commitment in writing in a meaningful way. If you are not successful, even with the help of an advocate, then it is time for the next step!

    8) Put your lawyer on speed dial!
    Many parents think that they cannot afford a lawyer to protect their child’s rights. I agree that litigation is expensive; however, so is private school for the next twelve years! If your child is very young and the school is not providing what is either medically necessary for your child, in countries with socialized medicine, or a Fair and Appropriate Public Education in the Least Restrictive Environment – FAPE in the United States, think about the damage that can be done to your child… In some cases, a few well placed letters from a lawyer with expertise in autism case law will do the trick; however, you need to be prepared to go “all the way” since bureaucrats are expert at discerning bluff from true intent.

    You may be lucky and have a school district that is one step ahead of you, ready and eager to provide your child with an unbelievably great educational experience! I’m sure that there are several school districts that have already learned (sometimes rather begrudgingly) to accommodate children with autism; however, in case your school district is still operating based on a 1950s model, be prepared to blaze the trail. Your child’s future depends upon it!

    Comment by autism pundit — 30 Aug 11 @ 1946 | Reply

  130. Always good to read the stories of fellow mum’s, I have 2 boys aged 10 and 12 with Autism xx

    Comment by avoidingperfection — 3 Sep 11 @ 1515 | Reply

  131. I have a 4 yr old with autism. He dosent speek or is potty trained. I am hopeful he will talk n will use the potty. But it can be frustrating for both of us been that he dosent talk he wont use gesture s nether… any parent has any advice for me. He is goin to school for 3hrs aday for 4 days….

    Comment by addenies — 8 Sep 11 @ 0904 | Reply

  132. Hi there! This following post should help you. If you want the live links, you may have to go to the actual link at the bottom:

    Toilet Training is one of the first hurdles that a parent of a child with autism experiences either before, or soon after, the diagnosis. Many parents wonder if they will ever successfully toilet train their child. I have personally had this experience and can say with certainty that there is no reason that your child cannot be toilet-trained; however, it may take different skills from the ones that you already possess. Luckily, there are a couple of resources that will help you along the way.

    It is important for you to know that your child is either not toilet-trained because s/he doesn’t understand OR s/he understands but does not want to change a behavior that is already comfortable. Either way, you will need to use the same technique.

    The best method out there was pioneered by Nathin Azrin and Richard Foxx in 1971. They also wrote a book for typically developing children that is still available (Toilet Training in A Day); however, their work on toilet-training children with developmental delays is much more useful (yet difficult to source). Luckily, the legacy that they have left is in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis where practitioners can help you toilet train your child based on the techniques pioneered by Azrin and Foxx. You may be able to do this yourself; however, it is difficult!

    So, first I recommend finding a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with expertise in autism and have them develop a program for your child (these professionals exist in every major city, in many small cities and towns in North America, & across the industrialized world).

    Screen shot 2011-08-09 at 4.32.44 PM

    In addition, there is a device that you can purchase to help you in your toilet-training program called the Night Hawk. It is a high tech wet alarm that works wirelessly and makes a loud sound. Although it is designed to be used at night, it can be used at all times to make your toilet training program more effective. We used a device similar to this before it was available for purchase (by rigging up a night time wet alarm to be mobile) and it took less than a day to solve this seemingly vexing problem!

    Screen shot 2011-08-09 at 4.30.12 PM

    It is very important that a child with autism be toilet-trained prior to entering kindergarten because a non-toilet-trained child will generally be stigmatized. Our goal was always to create a world where the child can participate as much as possible in the wonderful experiences that typically developing children are provided, and toilet-training is prerequisite to that.

    Good luck. I know that with expertise and perseverance you will succeed!

    Comment by autism pundit — 8 Sep 11 @ 1002 | Reply

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  143. Hi there! My wife keeps a blog of her life with 5 boys (4 on the spectrum) and married to an Aspie (me 🙂 you asked for additions so I guess it’s ok to post hers here (right?) —

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  144. We have a 49 year old autistic son. I have a blog under the name of with all my writings over the years…which include journals, testimony, poems, Letters to doctors and schools, etc. Hope it will help someone, so please visit it. God bless you with you children…and for your blog. Carole Norman Scott

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  154. I have an autistic nephew, my brother has a finace and she is saying that when my nephew turns 21 yrs of age that the government can take him away.. I know that is not true!!!! Unless the parents are unfit or there is abuse.. I have never in my life heard such a ridiculous thing.. She is insisting she has prove of this… any insights?

    Comment by Mirta — 19 Nov 11 @ 2030 | Reply

  155. I can’t imagine WHO would be taking their son away from them. It has been our experience that it is SO difficult to find someone that can deal with them as they become adults…that there are very few places for them. As far as we know…this is absolutely false. We have a 49 year old autistic son, and no one has ever approached us in such a way as that. I too, would be interested to know what on earth she is talking about! Go to for more on our life’s journey with autism. Carole Norman Scott

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  163. I totally agree. Society should stop trying to change these children and love them the way they are, as that is how God has made them. Just as in education, quit trying to conform them to learn OUR way but teach them in a way they are able to learn and be the best they can be!. new program that works with these children instead of trying to change them. Check it out!

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  165. I am the mom of a 9 year old on the spectrum, and my blog features him prominently 🙂

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  168. Am a mom of a five year old daughter who is autistic, she has not developed speech yet and i have been told by doctors that there is no cure but i just have to put up with it. Coming from africa, we do not have any doctors who offer biomedical treatment and believe you me if your child has this condition its a lifetime sentence for sure. As a mother i have hope that my baby can be normal. Anybody who has an idea of how we can get help? i desperately need it. Hellen

    Comment by Hellen — 20 Jan 12 @ 0115 | Reply

    • You need to set up an Intensive Behavioral Treatment program for your child asap. If you don’t have the resources to pay for therapists, if you have a big family, close friends, or a religious community, get volunteers to comprise your team. What you do need is a behavioral consultant to customize the program to your child. If you go to my website, you will find lots of resources and books. In short, you need to become an expert in this quickly by reading the correct books that will give you a deep understanding of this treatment modality. I’ve personally known lots of parents without the resources who have helped their children through books, DVDs and true grit. Although it is difficult, you can give your child a future wherever you live! Good luck!

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  170. I’ve started a blog about my three year old daughter’s battle with Autism. It’s from the perspective of a father. Check it out:

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  171. Hey Craig, just wanted to let you know about a new reading resource out there for young children with autism. Check it out….hopefully it can help you teach your daughter to read

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  177. My daughter was diagnosed just before two and am currently writing a more exhaustive recollection of our journey with her. In the meantime I just started this blog tonight and hope to post a couple entries a week.

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  178. I’ve just started a blog about my nearly 3 year old who was diagnosed with autism recently. He’s high functioning and on an ABA programme. I plan to post regularly.

    Comment by Yarnie — 29 Feb 12 @ 0821 | Reply

  179. It was one year yesterday since my son was diagnosed as having ‘high functioning autism’. I’ve blogged about our lives together since then. Perhaps you might consider adding it to the list?

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  187. We are just got a diagnosis of autism.. and i am blogging about it.. hope you like it and decide to follow our progress..

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  188. Any help you can give me as I gather data for my senior thesis will be greatly appreciated. I interned last semester at a special school for children with ASD and I am eager to be a part of the solution.

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  189. This is such a wonderful resource for families especially when they have just received a diagnosis and the “what now” hits like a sledge hammer. We struggled but came across this and so many other sites that helped. Still need more awareness and to help the one’s just starting our or are in need. Thanks again for putting this up.

    Comment by Debbie — 8 Apr 12 @ 2033 | Reply

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  206. HI My name is Maureen. I am a graduate student at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. I am getting my master’s degree in Special Education with a certification in Autism. I was wondering if their are any parents out their that have a child who was recently diagnosed with Autism? If so would you be willing to be interviewed? I have to complete an interview to write a research paper on parents of a child who was recently diagnosed. Your name and any information will be changed so I do not break confidentiality. Please email me at in you would like to be interviewed. I can get a letter from my professor to prove that I am a student if you would like.
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  207. Here is something I ran across while researching for my niece in treatments for her Autism …

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  220. […] hyperactivity and inability to learn, along with behavioral problems if they lack in sleep. The parents of a child with autism also have difficulties functioning because of their disruptive sleep […]

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  221. Does anyone know of any resources in handling sexual issues with an 11 year old boy who is profoundly autistic and nonverbal? He is waking up with erections and then cannot get rid of them because he is touching and rubbing up to things. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Comment by Melissa Wienhold — 25 Dec 12 @ 1259 | Reply

  222. Hello and thanks for the collection of parents experiences as they can be useful. I have a small autism blog on wordpress as well and would appreciate the share if possible. My blog is regarding my 12 year old son “Bird” who has given me permission to share his story along with the rest of my family. We are big on ABA and parent education and he has made huge gains thankfully. Here is my blog

    Comment by pvbiamomma — 27 Dec 12 @ 1945 | Reply

  223. I am a father of 4 boys, the youngest if whom was diagnosed with autism this last year. I’ve started to blog my experience at blogspot. I wish if found this site before I started but my blog is posted here:

    Thank You all for sharing your stories and support.


    Comment by Justexhausted — 19 Jan 13 @ 0258 | Reply

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  225. Texas Christian University is currently conducting a study examining parents of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, in order to better understand the social and emotional functioning of mothers and fathers. Researchers are actively seeking to enroll families with children between the ages of four and twelve. Participation will involve completing a series of questionnaires online. Compensation will be provided upon completion of questionnaires.

    For more information about this study, please contact:
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  229. I also blog about my son. He is 8 and recovering nicely with the help of a DAN doctor. Not saying he is going to be cured but that’s what I am heading for and his accomplishments are amazing and does something new almost everyday.

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  238. Hi, I saw this survey on nursing care for our loved ones with Autism on Autism Speaks and The Autism Society page. It’s about evaluating the care you received when your child had a medical service with a nurse. Please look at it and reply if it applies to you. It may help those that are caring for us and our children in the hospital learn how to better support our families. Here are the links one is a quick 10 question thing the other is four questions regarding the experience! Let’s make a difference for our loved ones!!!



    Comment by Aine's mom — 19 Jun 13 @ 1955 | Reply

  239. i have miled autisem there are ways for your kid to live a good forfilled life. one is NEVER EVER COCK BLOCK YOUR AUTISTIC 19 MAN OR WOLMEN encurage dating and drivers ed. marijuana is also a good treatment for some with autisem and how do i know this? i have miled autisem and i know from EXP. thank u for reading. teach them to be social as well pot helps with that real well btw

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  246. Just read a great blog by a mom of 3 boys who all have autism. The site is not totally devoted to autism, but living life as a family who happen to deal with autism. This particular piece though does deal with one of the stresses that parents of children with autism deal with. I LOVED it! Check it out…

    While you’re at it – read of few of her other posts – you’ll definitely get some giggles 🙂

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  248. I am the parent of a wonderful, complicated child with autism. I’ve been writing about living day to day with autism..

    Comment by Laura Speranza — 4 Oct 13 @ 1204 | Reply

  249. I have beautiful, smart, cunning, and hilarious autistic girl. I started a blog featuring some of her crazy stories and what it’s like raising her as a new single mom. Check it out

    Comment by brightandshineymom — 14 Nov 13 @ 2350 | Reply

  250. is another excellent autism awareness blog by a father of an eleven year old child with ASD. Check it out!

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    if parents could please fill this out. its a school project on autism. thankyou 😉

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  253. I have a new site that has stories and artwork from my son, Gustavo. He has autism but is so much more than a child with special needs

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  255. I adopted my little boy 2 yrs ago. I’ve had him since birth. He’s 5 as of a couple of days ago. He was diagnosed with Autisum 3 yrs ago. I’ve never heard of any of my family or friends speak about Autisum before. Im still learning. Its so much to learning. I will be willing to share what I’ve learned and give support if you need it.

    Comment by Lady Coley — 11 Mar 14 @ 2328 | Reply

  256. I just started my blog called Adventures in Boy Land. I have 3 sons, and my oldest is diagnosed on the spectrum. My second son exhibits lots of spectrum behaviors, and we are currently waiting to see a specialist team. I would love to be included on your list. As I said, I just began, but I am hoping for my blog to be a place to connect with others. Thanks!

    Comment by Cindy — 14 Mar 14 @ 1523 | Reply

  257. An article about GOD, ADHD & Autism. Please Read & Comment 🙂


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  259. melhinter:
    My son Andrew’s page..
    nice to meet everyone!

    Comment by melhinter — 21 Apr 14 @ 0051 | Reply

  260. What a great resource you have here!
    We have an educational website/blog for children on the spectrum. We are hoping to help many families by providing them with resources and encouragement!

    Comment by shelahmoss — 9 May 14 @ 1018 | Reply


    Comment by Leila Stephaine — 11 May 14 @ 0450 | Reply

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  263. I would definitely be interested in writing a guest post for your blog. I am a certified speech language pathologist and I recently just released a new book titled “Make Social Learning Stick!” which is a user-friendly guide for parents to help increase their child’s social competence through teachable moments in their daily routines. Please let me know if you are interested in me writing as a guest blogger.

    Comment by Elizabeth Sautter — 6 Jun 14 @ 1432 | Reply

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  265. Hi there – I’d love to add my blog to the list…
    Great list!4

    Comment by Cindy — 14 Jul 14 @ 2006 | Reply

  266. Another suggestion: Life With Georgia ( is a blog written by the mother of a lovely 15-year-old girl with autism. The author is also a professor who does research on the availability of support services for parents of kids with autism.

    Comment by Chris MacDonald — 30 Jul 14 @ 1454 | Reply

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  270. I’ve just started a blog about me, my family and my autistic 3 year old. I’m looking forward to working my way through this list as a parent who has a new diagnosis being able to read about other families experiences is invaluable.

    Comment by hedgewytch13 — 25 Aug 14 @ 0629 | Reply

  271. Hi there!
    What a great resource for parents to find!
    I am a mother of 4 children with 2 on the spectrum myself.

    Please share my blog as well! Thanks 🙂

    Comment by Judy Bell — 26 Aug 14 @ 1711 | Reply

  272. I have seven children. Two are special needs. One with autism. I blog about my two kids, mostly about my son with autism. My aim is awareness and to educate others about autism. Some of my posts are funny. I occasionally blog about regular, every day things that happen in my family’s life too. Take a look I’m also on Facebook at Quirks and Chaos so come and find me.

    Comment by lisagaylesmith1963 — 1 Sep 14 @ 1625 | Reply

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  275. There are also Camphill communities in Southeast Pennsylvania for children and young adults with disabilities.

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  276. I am a speech pathologist in the Orange County area with a new website designed for parents and professionals. It is called Social Skill Suitcase-

    The primary purpose is to share ideas and resources for building social skills. I post weekly strategies, app reviews and videos to support parents and professionals who interact with socially challenged children and adults. I would like to be a resource to you. Come visit my website

    🙂 Danette Bonfield Piantanida, M.A., CCC-SLP

    Comment by Danette — 4 Nov 14 @ 1257 | Reply

  277. Hello,

    We are graduate students at the MFA Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Arts in New York. We’re looking to design a product for children with autism aged 4-7 years, that can help reinforce executive functioning skills – possibly through the use a visual schedule.

    We’d love to get your thoughts and perspective on this subject. Could we get in touch with you, either over email or on the phone, at a time that’s convenient for you? Please leave your reply below or get in touch with us at

    Thanks so much, looking forward to hearing from you.

    Comment by offcenter2014 — 9 Nov 14 @ 1553 | Reply

  278. prisoner with autism, serving life w/o parole, writes a blog:

    Comment by friend — 16 Nov 14 @ 2243 | Reply

  279. could you add Raising Rebel Souls, Love Explosions, We Are Like Your Child, Not Dead Yet, Tone It Down Taupe, 30 Days of Autism, Yes That Too and Autism Positivity?

    Comment by Nate Watkins — 8 Dec 14 @ 2223 | Reply

  280. People having autistic kids have to make an endless journey as autism is incurable one because of its strong genetic issue.

    Behavioral Interventions to HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is advised to treat autism, but clinicians who practice the neuropathy cases can only play an effective role for those suffering from this neuropsychiatric disorder.

    So, MAPS 2015 SPRING EDUCATIONAL FORUM will held on March 12-14, 2015 for the clinicians and professional. The CME training specially for the brain disorders.

    Comment by Tamara Watson (@tamarawatson20) — 13 Jan 15 @ 0115 | Reply

  281. I am a new blogger and mum to an amazing boy with ASD who I adore but who can also push me to the edge sometimes. Writing is my therapy. Please can you add me to your amazing list?!!

    Comment by Catherine Heemskerk-Carrick — 2 Feb 15 @ 0843 | Reply

  282. I’ve just started my own blog on life with my autistic son, poems and life 🙂

    Comment by soulfulmum — 3 Feb 15 @ 2327 | Reply

  283. Much of the information in our Living with autism section is aimed at parents and is full of practical advice, ideas and further contacts. Once your son or daughter reaches the age of 18, by law, you are not entitled to make decisions on their behalf.

    Comment by Autism Services — 19 Feb 15 @ 0005 | Reply

  284. Hi I would love it if you could add my blog to the list.
    Kind regards, Catie

    Comment by Catie Heemskerk — 13 Mar 15 @ 1422 | Reply

  285. I have just started a blog of our journey of discovery. My daughter was diagnosed with Mild/moderate Autism with ADHD just weeks before her 10th birthday.

    The blog can be found at

    Comment by Jeramy Hope — 24 Mar 15 @ 0337 | Reply

  286. I just wanted to share a kick starter campaign:

    The Orion Files is a set of videos that help young children with autism learn how to develop certain skills. Video modeling has proven to be an effective tool to teach skills for children with autism spectrum disorders. The research also shows that some of the most effective videos are when the subjects are of similar age. That’s where Orion comes in . . . who better than a four year old to teach other preschoolers?

    Again, just sharing in case anyone is interested in it 🙂

    Comment by Angelique — 1 Jun 15 @ 1511 | Reply

  287. Hey I am developing a cell phone application for autistic teens and young adults, I would love some feedback 🙂

    Comment by Nicole P. — 2 Jun 15 @ 1549 | Reply

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  289. Often the first sign are marked by age 18 months which cause the parents to look for cure by the age of two. Kid may have no signs at all and also build up commonly until the age two or three and then all of a sudden they might show the signs of autism. Babies having autism show the early symbols like not trying to talk or jabber and lack the ability to point or wave or make the bodily sign. When parents find the warning signs related to autism, then they should see their pediatrician for checkup. The tests involves people to rule out the other probable causes of the warning sign, just like a hearing test and blood testing for lead in blood.

    Comment by Autism Care — 11 Aug 15 @ 0118 | Reply

  290. I’m just wondering if I should be concerned for my 2 1/2 year old. When he was a baby he was always silent. He has never babbled. He smiled a lot, and he got the nickname baby Buddha. He never crawled,only army crawled. He was also a late walker. A little after his 2nd birthday my son had a hearing test because he still virtually said nothiung. They thought he was deaf in one ear, but come to find out he had a lot of water on his ear drums. So he got tubes in February. It has been 6 months since surgery and he still hardly says anything. He also likes to hit his ears when he’s angry and he shakes uncontrollably when there is something over stimulating for him, like when I took him to the lake, he stood on the shore, let th waves hit him and he shook the entire time and was flapping his arms around. He is obsessed with cars and if his siblings even look at his car, he covers his ears and starts screaming. He will only lay down to play with his cars as well . he’s also obsessed with cat hair and likes to suck on it with his thumb (I am constantly cleaning cat hair up, but somehow he manages to find it), he loves hairy stuffed animals as well, and sucks on the hair on them too. He cannot wave bye bye, he can point, but its sporadic. He does not do well with transitions and will cover his ears nd scream if I don’t warn him of what were about to do. He is a very loving and caring little boy, especially for his age. But the older he gets, the more tantrums he throws. He likes playing alone and is beginning to cry if other family members talk to him other than me. Sometimes when I say his name he acts as if he can’t hear me and other times he responds. He does not walk on his tippy toes, and he can’t run yet even though he’s 2 1/2. I’ve had him in speech therapy, early head start, occupational therapy and nothing really seemed to help. when the therapists would come over he would just throw himself diwn, especially if they didn’t do what he wanted, or we were moving on to another activity. He did learn how to sign for: help ,eat ,thankyou, and more. But now he gets mad when I’m playing with him and tell him to sign something. My dad who is big on NOT going to the Dr told me that something seems off about him and to take him to the dr and that he thinks he’s mildly MR, but I don’t think that’s the case at all. But regardless of anything, I will love him just the same. He’ll always be my baby buddha!

    Comment by ciara johnson — 22 Aug 15 @ 0456 | Reply

  291. My son uses an android app called Autism myCommunicator. It works great for him. Helps him communicate with me and my wife.

    Comment by mike — 26 Aug 15 @ 1337 | Reply

  292. Your Blog information is very useful. Play School in Bangalore

    Comment by Nitin — 20 Oct 15 @ 0537 | Reply

  293. My blog covers the 53 years of our autistic son’s life…journals, letters, feelings, insights, poems I’ve written, experiences, dealings with Drs., & diagnoses + Spiritual growth & Christian Testimony! Hope it helps ALL !

    Comment by — 20 Oct 15 @ 0744 | Reply

  294. I feel like autism sometimes ends up becoming a wall that separates the children from the world around them. I teach kids at a “school for children with Autism”. Mostly children do not respond to verbal communications very well but do much better with written communications. This is an excellent informative source for parents, teachers and autism adults to learn about it and especially how to deal with it effectively. It is really a life saver. Thanks for the effort.

    Comment by Kelly Miller — 27 Oct 15 @ 2339 | Reply

  295. Hi! I am a mother of a 3 1/2 year old who was diagnosed with mild autism spectrum disorder. He was receiving ABA therapy and is now in a special school program. He is doing well but I want to do more. Has anyone tried a gluten free (and/or dairy free diet) for their child?

    Comment by LM — 29 Nov 15 @ 1731 | Reply

  296. […] Autism for Parents: List of blogs written by parents of children with autism. […]

    Pingback by What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? - Emily's Puzzle — 17 Jan 16 @ 2152 | Reply

  297. If this isn’t allowed, please delete but my son was just recently diagnosed with autism and I’m just trying to reach out in a time of need. We’ve been hit with a little bit of a tragedy.

    Comment by Jessica — 15 Feb 16 @ 1152 | Reply

  298. Special Children’s Art Display wants to enhance creativity of children with special needs. We are accepting artwork, music video, leogs, beads etc from all around the world. Also interviewed lot of special children. Get inspired by their creativity and stories.

    Comment by Special Children's Art Display — 17 Mar 16 @ 0909 | Reply

  299. This is great…i no at times thers desperation and this is aplace for mums 2 go an by god we need it..our son is just 8 an near end diagnosis he has sensory disorder 2…never bin thru anythin mor tough than this..constantly learnin sumthin new everyday about a.s.d …but wudn change him 4 the world

    Comment by jenny hesketh — 5 Apr 16 @ 1257 | Reply

  300. Our voice should be heard.
    Our girl is residential now.
    We documented everything.
    It broke our hearts..not the marriage.
    I see her once a week…and the beauty of that She will kindly smile and say goodbye.
    She is non verbal…love her always.
    She lives in a small ranch..has her own room with 2 other young women.
    She has 24 hour supervision and is thriving.
    More so than with us…It got really hard. ..
    We still are We…

    Comment by denise — 22 Apr 16 @ 1938 | Reply

  301. Hi I would appreciate your thoughts on my blog and for consideration for inclusion within your list. If you start with the first post ‘In the Beginning’ it explains my motives and start of the journey. Thanks 🙂

    Comment by Tina Medlock — 24 Apr 16 @ 1318 | Reply

  302. We have a son who is also in a residential setting. He is home for a visit right now, & is doing really well. We are SO thankful! It was the hardest thing I’ve/we’ve ever had to do…to have him leave home, but we could not physically manage his “meltdowns” as he matured. He still has them periodically, but thankfully, not while visiting here (for a week or so). Can’ t guarantee it would continue that way for longer though! Praise God for facilities that are there to help, & for loving people who work with those who need help there!

    Comment by — 25 Apr 16 @ 1514 | Reply

  303. Parents -Do you write about autism and special needs topics? Submit your book to the 2016 Special Needs Book Awards
    Enter the 2016 Special Needs Book Awards for authors who have written books with a special needs focus. Indie and traditional authors are welcome and there are opportunities to submit both fiction and nonfiction special needs books. The deadline is June 13, 2016 and information is available at

    Comment by Special Needs Book Awards — 30 Apr 16 @ 1241 | Reply

  304. I am a reader of Hidden Recovery. Thanks for sharing other good blogs. They all are amazing. I have shared this information at my personal blog too to help other parents understand Autism.

    Comment by eSpecialneeds — 17 May 16 @ 0052 | Reply

  305. If there was a pill that could cure autism, would you give it to your child? I don’t think I would. See my blog post about this.

    Comment by Jane — 5 Jun 16 @ 0059 | Reply

  306. Hello,

    Thank you so much for providing these resources, and support for the Autism community.

    I write about life with my son, Leo, diagnosed with Autism at age 3- the struggles, the challenges…as well as many of the beautiful moments we share throughout this journey together.

    Comment by Ellie Fadden — 27 Jul 16 @ 0658 | Reply

  307. Major newbie here! Just started my blog and did my first one today! My son is 6 years old non verbal autistic! i cant say “i write about” blahblah, because i literally just started! appreciate any followers:)
    all positive vibes

    Comment by inlandonsworld — 16 Sep 16 @ 1406 | Reply

  308. I love the way that you appreciate the way your son says “I love you.” Without having to use words. I’m so glad that you can see that message as a gift, because that’s what it is.
    Welcome to the world of blogging!! I’ve heard that if you can make it through the 6th-12th month mark with your blog, it’ll be worth it.
    I just wanted to thank you for your email, and offer my support by following you.
    My blog,, is a quirky, sometimes irreverent, blog about living with a child who has autism (as well as several other issues). Please feel free to read it, follow me and/or comment.
    I look forward to networking with you and other bloggers.
    Take care,
    Jane Smith (not my real name; I have 3 teens, and try to respect their privacy)

    Comment by Jane Smith — 17 Sep 16 @ 1231 | Reply

  309. I’m the widowed father of a severely nonverbal 18 yo Autistic daughter. I’ve lived the struggles of getting the diagnosis, spent all I had on early intervention, speech therapy and much more. I watched my wife, so overwhelmed with the daily struggle and strain.. get diagnosed with her cancer at stage 4 far too late to save her. Now all I want is to find the other parents of Autistic children so severe that they need help finding (or creating), a place that can assure these precious children now adults won’t be mistreated, restrained, over medicated during the remainder of the parents lives and most importantly after we are gone. Any searches I do result in the early years and it seems these families are totally forgotten and also give up in more ways than one. I need to find my tribe.. where I wish to meet others and find real ways to join forces to make the lives of these beautiful children better.
    I feel utterly alone in this. Living in a rural area makes this feeling worse. I would pick up and move anywhere to achieve the above. Signed, Zenrookie

    Comment by Paul Motheral — 21 Sep 16 @ 2305 | Reply

  310. Recently, my longtime girlfriend and I found out that she was pregnant. I was ecstatic! Sure, it wasn’t planned, but we had been talking about getting married and having our own family for a long time. The excitement, however, has turned to dread. You see, she was married once before and as a result has a child. He’s a sweet little 8 year old guy. He was born with cerebellar hypoplasia and has been diagnosed with Autism. Due to having a small cerebellum, he lacks the balance to stand or walk. I am not sure of his intellectual capacity, as he is noncommunicative and responds to directions, only some of the time. That is a taboo subject when talking to my significant other. He knows how to say Ma, No and Cookie. Yes, he loves his cookies after every meal. He does not accept “No” for an answer and will throw tantrums, until he gets his cookies, goes outside or sits in the car. His tantrums can be violent. He wildly swings his arms hitting whomever is in his path or clears any tables within his reach. He has clocked me several times in the face, even after telling him to stop. Outside of that, he will get very upset and bite his hand until it bleeds. It is very difficult to calm him down and the meltdowns can last upwards of 30 minutes, with more than 6 in a day. He weighs approximately 90lbs and has become too heavy for us to carry (I have two herniated discs and a fractured vertebrae and she was recently diagnosed with arthritis in her hip and back along with 2 bulging discs at the age of 30… Has always been in pain since we started dating). He recently has stopped cooperating and will just sit, refuse to crawl up or down the stairs or have his diaper changed. When he cooperates we all celebrate by clapping, he loves the positive attention. I’d like to state that our time together isn’t always bad or negative, but these negative aspects are what concerns me. These episodes, meltdowns, tantrums or whatever you want to call them, probably occur 20 times a week. A neurologist had prescribed medication, however her family said it turned him into a zombie and it was discontinued 2 days later. He has OT, PT, speech therapy, adaptive tech therapy, water therapy and will be starting behavior therapy shortly. I have suggested looking into the diets I have read about that others have had success with regarding behavioral issues. However that was dismissed quickly. I am not sure what else there is to try to help everyone. It seems to be a vicious cycle. He gets frustrated because he can’t communicate his want or is told no, so he throws a tantrum, which in turn frustrates everyone around, which makes it difficult for everyone’s energy to level out and get back to enjoying life. Sometimes it feels as though he’s not happy unless he’s breaking everything in sight. We always joke around about it, but it’s so true. If there is something new in the room he has to man handle it until it breaks and then he’s happy and leaves the pieces behind. Here are my concerns. During the pregnancy, I am worried about her straining herself or getting hit or kicked in the stomach. I know it’s not on purpose and wouldn’t get mad because he doesn’t know any better, but I don’t want anything to happen to our child. I can work upwards of 60 hours a week and that’s a lot of time that I’m not there to help her. I’m scared for her when I’m not around and I don’t trust her not to lift him, potentially complicating the pregnancy as it progresses and causing further damage to her back and hip. I’m worried about when the baby comes along and he doesn’t get her undivided attention. I’m worried about jealousy. I’ve heard stories about myself when my sister was born and how I would try to pull her hair and wouldn’t let my mom hold her other than to feed her. I was two. He’s a lot bigger than I was, and could cause harm without understanding consequences. I also feel torn. I know my significant other has expressed she’s wanted siblings for him, so if anything happens to her that they will take care of him. I don’t think that is right expecting that of our children. I would hope that they would want to help, but I feel like not giving them the opportunity to live their life how they want to with expectations to care for their sibling is wrong. Which brings me to another point that I’m concerned about. What happens when the physical disabilities compounded with the behavior issues becomes too much for us to physically handle because of his size? As we have found out a 90lb squirming child is much hard to control than a 90lb weight. I’m in a panic as right now, I am only seeing the challenges that lie in front of us and am not sure how to proceed. Hopefully, someone else has experienced something similar and can offer up their advice. I can’t stress enough, that he is a good kid that I care about. I want what’s best for him. I know he’s not my own, but there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do… Although, mom can handle the poopies. We have fun playing around with cars, balls, rolling around, going to zoos, car rides, hanging out on the couch watching Kung Fu Panda, and playing in bounce houses. I just foresee some events that I need reassurance about. I know the three of us all get frustrated at times and it would be great if anyone had any advice on how to overcome that.


    Comment by brandon — 6 Jan 17 @ 1523 | Reply

  311. I have a friend with two autistic children. I see what she goes through each day.

    One way I can help her is by finding or creating items that could help with her kids. Her kids are now teenagers. But, she now sees things and wishes that she had those things when her kids were younger.

    If you wished you had something specific to help your child, what would it be?

    If I can make a few items that could help her older children and others (even younger children), I would love to do that.


    Comment by Joy — 18 Feb 17 @ 2304 | Reply

  312. Hi. I just started blogging about my Hannah, my youngest… Nice to connect with other parents!


    Comment by mdpicka — 22 Feb 17 @ 1133 | Reply

  313. Hello,
    Hi my name is Jaime. I just started a blog about our family’s journey with autism called Homebound and Healing. I was hoping you might add my blog to your list.

    If your looking for some inspiration, people you can relate to, a way to put problems in perspective, or just some comic relief, you’ve come to the right place. We welcome you to follow us on our journey as we embrace learning to live life on life’s terms.

    As I’m just getting started, I was hoping that you might take a look at my blog, and if you like what you see could you please like our fan page on Facebook and share? I would be very grateful. Many Thanks!

    You can find our site at :

    Our Facebook Fan Page is:
    Homebound and Healing

    Comment by homeboundandhealing — 23 Feb 17 @ 1822 | Reply

  314. I recall vividly meeting Mia and her twin girls 12 months ago. The girls had very limited play skills and Dearne in particular had difficulty focusing on tasks/activities/toys for more than 10-15 seconds. They lacked the skills to occupy their own free time. Mia described life at home as difficult and said that it was impossible to leave them on their own in a room for any length of time.The twins did not make eye contact in response to their name. They communicated by constantly dragging or hand leading their parents.
    For more to know about this please visit at

    Comment by Ella Fernando — 6 Mar 17 @ 2232 | Reply

  315. Greetings Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Dr. P. Leith Krakouer ( I have over thirty years of experience in the Education of children with Cognitive Dysfunction, particularly in the domains of Autism, Speech and Language Delay, Behavior Management and Dyslexia.I have extensive clinical expertise in diagnosis, the design of effective intervention strategies and classroom implementation of these strategies.
    Autism Global Outreach offers a unique intensive, one to one Intervention Therapy in the privacy of the client’s own home, anywhere in the world! These Therapy Sessions are specifically designed to target the child’s individual areas of need, such as Speech and Language Delay, Behavior Management, Concentration and Focus Issues and Socialization Skills.. Furthermore, the Therapy Sessions seek to enhance skills currently exhibited by the child using an extensive range of apparatus that stimulate cognitive function and utilize positive reinforcement to promote the child’s self confidence and motivation.
    Specifically, the Therapy is delivered in the client’s home over 14 to 21 days using either 50 or 100 hours block sessions, depending on the client’s needs. While the costing is devised using a number of factors such as location and immediacy of service required. Please do not hesitate to contact me on the email address provided should you require additional information or clarification regarding any aspect of this service.
    Kind Regards,

    Dr. P. Leith Krakouer
    Post Doc. (School of Psychology I.O.E, University of London).

    Comment by Dr. P. Leith Krakouer — 4 May 17 @ 0704 | Reply

  316. My wife and I just started a blog as well. So much good info here. Thanks everyone!

    Comment by Andrew Harms — 5 May 17 @ 1246 | Reply

  317. 👍🏻

    Comment by Mom1nterrupted — 6 Sep 17 @ 2201 | Reply

  318. Hello.Our research team is currently working on a study devoted to the effects of music therapy on children with autism and parents views of and experiences with music therapy. As seniors at Brooklyn College, we are conducting a research project to fulfill graduation requirements. We are asking parents or primary caregivers whom are familiar with music therapy and have children with ASDto help us conduct our research. We would greatly appreciate it if you could help us collect the data. We expect that it should take approximately 15 minutes for you to complete our survey. All data collected will be anonymous and kept confidential. Please read the following consent form and thank you in advance for your time!

    Comment by — 30 Nov 17 @ 0920 | Reply

  319. it, Thanks a lot.|

    Comment by settv — 10 Apr 18 @ 1254 | Reply

  320. Great post!

    Andy Harms

    Comment by Andrew J Harms — 22 Sep 18 @ 1655 | Reply

  321. I have an 18 year old daughter that was diagnosed with low functioning classic Autism at 3. When I first entered this world there were very few places a parent could go to get advice from other parents about day to day life with Autism. That was the main purpose behind starting my blog, to help other parents in daily life. What do you do when your Autistic daughter is getting ready to hit puberty? No one was around to answer that question for me, So I decided to answer it and other questions for other parents. If you would be so kind as to add my blog to the list I would be grateful.

    Comment by kitty bradford — 27 Oct 18 @ 1637 | Reply

  322. This was such an informative article for parents

    Comment by thirdeye — 17 Dec 18 @ 0655 | Reply

  323. You made some decent points there. I looked on the internet for the topic and found most people will approve with your website.

    Comment by Film complet en streaming — 30 Aug 19 @ 0921 | Reply

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