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31 Mar 06

Autism resources for parents

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Part of what I'm hoping to accomplish with this site is to provide a good starting point for parents trying to learn more about autism, with information and links to a wide variety of resources – both on and offline. I've established a series of pages that will list and discuss some of these resources.


Blog, I believe, represent probably the single largest resource of current and ongoing information for parents of autistic children. Of course, finding a blog (or blogs) that help you personally can be a challenge. The sheer volume of blogs and diversity of perspectives and opinions can get to be overwhelming. I know that there are many, many excellent blogs on the subject of autism that I've not yet discovered that others read everyday, but I just don't have the time to seek them all out myself.

To help parents new to autism get a good start on finding autism blogs that may help them, I've set up two pages for links to blogs: Blogs by Autistics, and Blogs by Parents. If you know of a blog that you think should be listed here – or if you write one you'd like others to know about – please let me know.

Books: Even with everything available on-line, books remain an excellent source of information for parents. My intent for listing books is to provide a list of books that other parents or autistics especially like, and when possible a review of that book to help others understand what is good/bad about the book. I've set up a page, Autism Books, to provide that list. From this list, each book will link (eventually) to a review(s) of that book. I've started it off with a review of Some Kind of Genius I originally wrote last September. Again, please let me know of any books you think should be listed and if you have a review you would like posted here.

Other: I've also set up a page to list the various organizations related to Autism. I've not done any work on this page yet, mainly because I'm not really very familiar with the organizations or their missions. These organizations range from support of finding a cure to advocacy of autistic rights. Any suggestions on how this might best be formatted are greatly appreciated, as are recommendations for which organizations I should include.



  1. Hi Brett. Your site is looking good so far!


    I’ve added it to my list of recommended resources.

    Comment by Bonnie Ventura — 3 Apr 06 @ 1455 | Reply

  2. One more thing — feel free to copy any of my links and descriptions from Aspergian Pride, if you find them helpful.

    I noticed there’s a bug in your comment box. It extends over the right menu bar, but doesn’t cover the words there.

    Comment by Bonnie Ventura — 3 Apr 06 @ 1459 | Reply

  3. What a good idea!
    I feel sorry for parents just learning that their child is autistic now days. There is even more negative and damaging information out there than when I made the discovery about my son nearly 4 years ago. Although, there weren’t as many positive sources of information as there are now either! Oh dear, I’m not making much sense!
    I hope your target audience do stumble onto this blog though. Such a resource would have helped me tremendously all those years ago. I regret the time I spent reading the doom and gloom stories.

    Comment by Emily — 6 Apr 06 @ 1316 | Reply

  4. Hi Brett – I have a blog that I started in November. I’d love to have it listed. Thanks! Wendy – Party of Six

    Comment by Wendy — 18 Apr 06 @ 0126 | Reply

  5. Hello Brett
    We love your site and hope it grows. The title autism for parents is alovely name and we hope the ASD community embraces it.

    Martin & Shirley

    Comment by Martin & Shirley — 16 Dec 07 @ 2151 | Reply

  6. Please consider visiting to review a unique and unorthodox theory for the cause of autism.

    Thank you,

    Andrew Lehman

    Comment by activeneoteny — 25 Jul 08 @ 2337 | Reply

  7. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

    Comment by Michael Tim — 28 Feb 09 @ 1726 | Reply

  8. I have just opened a blog about our experiences with our 48-year old autistic son. It is titled autism45 (meaning the 45 years since he was diagnosed). It can be found at I would appreciate you directing parents to it. Thanks and God bless you!

    Comment by L.Carole Scott — 23 Apr 11 @ 1258 | Reply

    • Hello my name is Pam and I’m a full-time student at a local community college in forsyth county. I would like to find out if you can help me conduct some resources and information on children with autism. What resources has been the most helpful for you? I would like to find out some of your experiences you have dealt with in concerns with an autistic child growing up. Please email me at if possible. Thank you in advance.

      Comment by pam — 9 Feb 16 @ 1118 | Reply

  9. Hi Brett

    Great Site! Can you let the parents know about a new reading program. We have the resources to teach a child in the theme the child is already interested therefore helping the child feel safe while he/she is learning to read. Once they know how to read things become a little easier for them at school. Please check it out and tell the parents. This program is user friendly and inexpensive for the parents to do with their child at home.
    Thanks so much

    Comment by Dawna Halter — 17 Nov 11 @ 0657 | Reply

  10. I’m a SLP who works primarily with children who have a diagnosis of ASD and their families. I want to let families know about a great new resource for families called 10 Minutes for Talking: How to Maximize the Communication of Children with Autism and Other Communication Delays in Just 10 Minutes a Day. ( It’s written by another SLP I met at our national convention last month who is also a mom of 5. She gives practical ideas for families to promote conversational language skills whether a child is nonverbal or using sentences in daily activities. I’ve been using the worksheets/ideas with my client since I bought it two weeks ago and I LOVE it. It is really helping families get great communication with their children WITHOUT adding another activity to the day.

    Comment by 10minutesfortalking — 8 Dec 11 @ 1016 | Reply

  11. Would love to write posts and share my experiences as a parent of a low functioning autistic child and a scientific researcher who lost the career and profession balance battle juggling and succumbing to the needs of her kid’s autism..

    Comment by Sujata Balaji (@SujataBalaji) — 5 Jun 13 @ 0721 | Reply

  12. Why visitors still use to read news papers when in this technological world
    everything is available on net?

    Comment by Howto write a book — 25 May 14 @ 2211 | Reply

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